Fashion Revolution: Haulternative


Alternatives you can shop by.

Part of the Fashion Revolution challenge is finding more mindful ways to shop. So this year I’m taking part by doing my first ever video- a haulternative! What’s a haulternative you say?

Good question! It’s an alternative to the traditional haul-shopping- video that shows more ethical and mindful ways to work with what you have or introduce additional items to your closet. My video is focused on the ‘buyrarchy of needs‘ and ways that you can use this model in your own life. If you want to do your own Haulternative check out the details here.

Hope you enjoy my first ever attempt at video (sorry it’s not super fancy, I ran out of time for making it look pretty). Let me know your thoughts! Do you want more videos? If so what sort?

Author: Katie

Katie Roberts is a self confessed 'write-a-holic' Environmental Scientist with a passion for Sustainable Fashion.

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  1. Thank you for making this haulternative, I really enjoyed it! It was super informative, and I liked how you went through the buyrachy of needs step by step with your own examples. I would definitely love to see more videos from you about any of the topics you already blog about, or maybe tips and diy :)

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    • Yay! Thanks for the feedback Steph. It was a little nerve wracking doing a video. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I’m such a novice at the video production side of things and had grand plans about further editing by my slow-ness at the whole process meant that i ran out of time.

      I would love to make some more tips and DIY videos for you. Especially for the make-it-yourself posts that I do when I have time. I’ve always wanted to do them as videos (because it’s so much easier than trying to write down and photograph the steps) and now I have a camera that’s capable of it. Hooray!

      Thank you so much for dropping by to comment.



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  2. This is the second haulternative I’ve seen. It’s such a cool thing. I’ve never heard of the pyramid, but I think it’s such a creative concept. I’m so amazed that your mother-in-law made that cardigan. Such talent!

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    • I’m so glad you could take something away from it Diana. I watched a few haulternatives before making mine and they are really fun ways to think outside the box for shopping (or not shopping). My mother in law is amazing with her knitting skills! It was super hard to believe how spot-on she got the fit having not seen me for a year or two. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

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