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On September seventeenth I ran away to tropical paradise and married the most incredible man in the world!

For my wedding I stayed true to my ‘Wardrobe Workout’ no shopping challenge and made my own dress from my late Nan’s crochet table cloth and doily (which meant the world to my mum to know her mother had played a part in the day), combined with some calico I had originally purchased some time ago with intentions of making a couch cover. The head chain and sandals were made from materials bought when I went through a ‘jewellery making’ phase that had been in storage ever since the phase ran its course. ┬áThe best part about my outfit, other than it didn’t cost a thing to make, is that the accessories are easily worn again and the dress will be dyed another colour and worn for years to come. Hair and makeup were done by me with my fabulous hubby-to-be as assistant.

Every one of the wonderful staff at Sunset Bungalows played a part in our day. Managers Audrey and Greg organised everything from paperwork to music systems meaning that as a woman born without the bride gene, I didn’t need to do a thing, which is exactly how I wanted it! The gardening staff prepared the grounds and the chapel for the day and painstakingly crafted the floral arch that framed our wedding. ┬áThe lovely local Lilly set up our waterfront bungalow with a trail of tea light candles and a table dressed in linen and tropical flowers so we could spend the evening relaxing with a meal and watching the sunset over the lagoon. I wanted to show some pictures here but they look very low resolution in comparison to the professional beauties above.

A massive thanks to Kristel from Photographics Vanuatu did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of our day. With hundreds of images it was hard to select just a few to show here, they were all so perfect. Kristel extended her island welcome well past wedding photographer duties and gave me a birthday to remember as we spent the day touring the Port Vila sights comically crammed on the back of her quad bike. Can’t wait for an opportunity to visit her again in the future.

I hope you enjoy the sneaky peek at our wedding. It is such a pleasure to be able to share the day with you!

Thanks to all who made it such a memorable experience.

Author: Katie

Katie Roberts is a self confessed 'write-a-holic' Environmental Scientist with a passion for Sustainable Fashion.

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  1. Wow Katie and your lovely man, what wonderful pictures Krystel captured are amazing. Loved your dress, you are so talented, your Nan would be so proud of you. Your head piece & sandals amazing :) the love heart you are standing in & the arch with the flowers are all so special, including all the people who did this for you what amazing, kind human beings. You can see the love you both share, thank you for sharing your special day with us. May the rest of your lives together be filled with peace, love, kindness & good health. Cheers T xoxo

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    • Such a touching comment Taryn.

      You have brought such a huge smile to my face. It truly is a blessing to be able to connect with someone so closely. Love really does make the world go ’round and my man is my little universe.

      It was a mad rush to get the dress finished in time (it is still not french seamed on the inside so I will have to do that at some stage) but overall I was surprised how well it turned out given the time frame. Looking forward to dying it and being able to wear it out to tell the story of my wedding, and the memories of my nan to those who ask about it. Convesations starters like that are always fun.

      Watching the gardeners prepare the wedding decorations was a thrilling site. They worked all morning to strip back the palm fronds for the arch. I was very curious to work out what they were doing but saw it progress throughout the day and worked out it was for our wedding. It was very beautiful and Kristel mentioned that it was very beautifully decorated and she has seen quite a few wedding in Vanuatu for comparison! The all did such an amazing job and the photos really brought the magic home.

      Many thanks to you for taking the time to share in our memories. Sending love and happiness your way!



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  2. Oh Katie! It looks more beautiful than I could have imagined. Really lovely photos it almost made me teary (there is no sign of tears in the picture) hehe

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    • Oh! You are so sweet. There are some seriously teary pics from me, I didn’t post them here. He he he. Perhaps when I come to visit I can bring along the rest.

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  3. Your dress is designed and made so well. It has certainly inspired me think of my clothing options more creatively, :) xx

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    • Hey Charma!

      It was definitely a fun adventure trying to make that dress in a ver limited amount of time. Having no back up plan I threw caution to the wind and just sewed my heart out. Fortunately it came together quite well. It was a little nerve-wracking.

      We will have to have a sewing day at your new house!

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  4. These pictures are lovely, you look wonderful – not only your outfit (naturally) but your happiness shines through in the pictures. Congratulations and it looks like you had an amazing day.

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    • What a lovely thing to say Steph!

      We really did have a perfect day. For an incredibly simple ceremony the emotions were so strong. He is such a great fella and I am glad I get to keep him.

      Thanks for taking the time to have a look.


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    • Thank you so much Beccy. :-)

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  5. I just love that you shared your special and intimate day with us! The pictures, the island, and of course you two are all gorgeous! You look beautiful in your amazingly up-cycled dress, and I love that you could use special pieces from your family for it. Glad everyone was so helpful in making the day wonderful for you too, although it’s no surprise because I think we get back the love we give out and you sure give out lots of it : ). Wishing you two the very best!!

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    • Hi Dus!

      Thank you so much for sharing in our day. It truly was a special one and I wish I cold have bundled everyone up and taken the with me. Insta-friends included. However, if I did that I likely would of hidden rather than walked down the isle as being the centre of attention scares me unless I’m there to give a speech on something. He he he.

      It was nice that my nan could be a ‘part of the day’, even if it was just symbolic. She has been gone for a few years now and would have love to attend as weddings and parties were her favourite past-times.

      Your words about getting the love we give is so touching. Thank you for being part of a self fulfilling prophecy! Your kind words and passionate enthusiasm entitles you to ample amounts of good karma in return. It is so nice to see the good shining from others even if we only know each other via social media.

      Much love to you from the (VERY HOT) Sunshine Coast


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