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SUStainable Sustainability

And we here at Sustainability in Style are all about empowering you to lead your most Sustainably Stylish Life.

We combine the very best in Sustainability Education, Mindful Living, and Academic Research, to bring you useful and action based tools and content to help you follow your eco passions with confidence and purpose. Kick the eco-guilt, fight eco anxiety, and get the self-care tools you need to prevent burn-out and the dreaded compassion fatigue.

With real-life and online events and resources we hope to be your support on the journey to Sustainable Self



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At the Core of it All

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Connect, Learn, & Grow With MINDFUL LIVING HQ ONLINE

| Coming soon | 

Mindful Living HQ  will be the online heart of Sustainability in Style as a members only space where you can learn, grow, play, and create actionable plan for Sustainable Self. 

The Sustainability in Style Journey

Sustainability in Style has been “Changing the World One Wardrobe At a Time” since it began as a series of ‘Green Couture’ Clothing Swap Events way back in 2010. The evolution has been empowering and inspiring and this online platform now supports academic research into Sustainability Education delivery techniques through your interaction with it. You can learn more about our exciting and transformative journey here. 

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