Living a less wasteful life doesn’t have to be difficult.

Yesterday’s post was all about the trials and tribulations of a family who lived one year with aim to have zero environmental impact. Those of you who followed up on this documentary may have noticed that their eco-living experiment wasn’t the most user friendly way to live (no refrigerator or electricity seemed to be deal-breakers). Fortunately there are some easy swtiches you can make to reduce your waste output without resorting to living life by candlelight and stealing ice (the wet and cold variety not the stimulant drug kind) from your neighbours like the Beavan family. The following are three simple life hacks you can get started on today. If you want more inspiration you still have time to sign up for the Give a Fork campaign and have eco-living prompts sent you your inbox daily.


Ditch the tea-bag!

Did you know that you can buy your tea in loose leaf format in most health food and bulk food store? While it might be a bit odd moving from those little tea filled sachets, the switch probably won’t cause you too much of a headache. All you need is a tea infuser, strainer or a teapot with inbuilt strainer and you are on your way to a life sans-tea bags. A life without tea-bags means no awkward tea-bag related discussion misunderstanding with girlfriend’s (don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out this classic ADULTS-ONLY snippet from Sex and The City). Going to complain that you can’t do loose leaf because you drink your tea on the go? Sorry… that’s not a viable excuse. You can get travel mugs with built in strainers like the one pictured above! Easy for loose leaf on the run.


Fizzy lovers rejoice.

If you love fizzy but hate the excessive plastic bottle usage then why not invest in a Soda Stream? These guys work on refillable gas bottles to create bubbly beverages for your belly. We don’t tend to drink too much carbonated drinks at home but sometimes like to have an alcoholic mixer. Rather thank have to make a trip to the shops to buy the plastic bottled stuff, all we have to do now is carbonate, add some lime or lemon and a splash of vodka and voilà, cocktails with less waste. If you like a wider range of flavours you can make your own soft drinks by following some of the recipes here, or alternatively you can buy soda stream flavours but these do come in plastic packages!


BYO coffee cup.

I know… you have heard this one a million times over! Why is it that this message is so prevalent in our media and we Aussies still use around 1 billion disposable cups  annually? Using a BYO coffee cup is easy but it takes some training. My best tip (as a non-coffee drinker but 100% BYO-coffee-cup-nagger of my poor coffee loving husband) is to make sure you put your coffee cup at your daily launchpad! Huh? Launchpad? WTF am I talking about? To clarify…your launchpad is the spot that you dump all your goodies for the next day. So wherever your handbag, keys, wallet or phone are this is the best place to keep your BYO cup. If you are really useless at remembering it why not store your keys inside it.  If you have to retrieve your keys from inside it to leave for the day then there is no excuse for forgetting your cup We have a three different travel cups in the cupboard but the most recent one is an Eco Soulife biodegradable bamboo coffee cup.

Do you have a simple eco-tip that you can share here? Perhaps a fave reusable coffee mug you want to blab about? Sharing is caring.

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