Month: January 2017

Good, Bad, and Your Shopping Decisions.

How To Live A Good Life. I don’t often share all of my reads here as I spend a great deal of time reading outside the traditional bounds of Environmental and/or Fashion literature. Most of my additional reading is related to gender, spirituality/religion, society, economics, and new age philosophy. While I believe all of this relates directly back to creating our sense of self and our identity, outside of writing a book (which I have… it will be coming your way when I finally get my studies sorted as it’s part of the study) it can be difficult to...

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Four Eco Tips You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

 Don’t shop ‘Vegan’ fashion for the sake of it. Before you get too caught up in the headline please read on. Many items labelled ‘Vegan’ are just synthetic junk marketed well. The term is a marketing ploy to suck you into buying items that are made from petrochemicals that are NOT biodegradable. Gross hey? So that pair of synthetic leather shoes you purchased will be around forever. The worst part about synthetics is the shoes and bags made from petrochemical leather usually don’t last very long before cracking, flaking, or peeling. Skip it and get yourself some canvas shoes or...

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Fashionably Revolutionary

 The uniform of change making. This morning I opened my very first ‘fashion revolutionary’ inspired product promo. It was from one eco and ethically minded lingerie company Naja. The product being advertised was a sports bra and the tagline read: Be an active (ist) for women Be an active (ist) for the planet Be an active (ist) for yourself The sportswear is being sold for $20 (mind you I can’t for the life of me find it on their website…. only the email). Covering the cost of manufacturing the socially made bra (made by single mothers) and the creation of...

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Naturally Beautiful Kitchen Concoctions

Kitchen Beauty right from the pantry, garden, or refrigerator. Are you feeling the mid summer (or mid winter for the Northern Hemi peeps) blues? Mid season can be a pretty tough time for skin and hair and it’s only fair to indulge in a bit of a pampering from time to time. The following are a collection of super simple ways that you can get your glam on without having to spend a fortune on skincare or haircare products or procedures. Hopefully you can swing at least one of these recipes without having to leave the house. Beauty might just...

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Keeping New Year Spirits High

This time of year can be pretty tricky. Coming off the back of the busy holiday season where some of us work and others played it can seem like we have a bit of a ‘come down’ from the festive spirit. Depending on your likes and dislikes  and your personality type (and whether or not you have children on school holidays) the holiday spirit can either be invigorating or exhausting. So by mid to late January most of us are feeling depleted from exhaustion or flat from when the festive fun turns into work and regularity. The following tips will...

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