Month: February 2017

Washing Day Made Simple

Want to give your clothes the attention they deserve? These little washing tidbits should help you care for your clothing better. Remember that the following is just a guide and that the best info for wash and wear is the care label. I take no responsibility for any laundry mishaps that result from this info. However, if follow your intuition and the care label about how to wash mishaps are usually few and far between. Hand wash only using a wool or delicates specific natural detergent (you can sometimes get away with regular detergent for synthetics). Try to use...

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Eco Fashion Goodness at VAMFF: Lush Terrain

┬áConscious Fashion in the Conservatory. Every year Melbourne opens it’s heart and streets to the fabulously stylish with their annual fashion festival. Some years ago during my fashion days I was able to participate backstage in this festive event and I would have to say it was a highlight memory from my career in fashion. Fortunately for us conscious style folks every year that passes there seems to be a growing focus on the inclusion of sustainable, ethical, and vegan fashion at these types of events. This years VAMFF Lush Terrain show sees a collection of┬ácarefully cultivated fashion inspired...

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Conscious Shopping Terminology Explained

It’s all so confusing! I was having a chat with an Eco friend of mine a couple of weeks ago about an upcoming event where she is giving a talk about sustainability. The confusion and revelations from this chat made me think now would be a great time to readdress the great big kerfuddle that is ‘green’ marketing terminology. Let’s face it, life is complex enough. We have to juggle making a living with trying to have fun while advertising and the media come at us from all angles every day with snippets of info we are supposed to...

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Making Sustainability Sustainable

Unsustainable Sustainability. You might have noticed I’ve been a little quiet the last week or so. It’s because my ventures into sustainability have suddenly become -due to life’s surprises- unsustainable. To back track a little, Ged broke his dominant arm a week ago had to have surgery on his wrist. The same day the dog had to go in for a procedure on his ear. To top it off my car decided to go on strike (it’s 20 years old and rarely driven anymore so I don’t blame it for wanting long service leave) on the same day. Despite...

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Wash and Wear Made Simple

Do you know what a care label is? Do you know where to find it on your clothing? If the answer to both of these questions is yes then good for you! The next question might be a little harder. Do you know what the heck the care label is actually saying about how to look after your clothing? No worries if you don’t- care labels often are written in a whole other language of weird hieroglyphics. Way back in 2003 when I was studying my fashion qualifications at RMIT University we had an entire course in care labels....

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