Month: March 2017

Sustainability Takes Centerstage With Mous Magazine

Pushing Boundaries When I was in high school I was relentlessly teased for my skin condition (Rosacea) that caused me to go red when nervous or playing sports. Most of the time I just avoided sports day and things that made me nervous (which meant I was in the library reading art and science books… I was so cool). Unfortunately the one thing I couldn’t avoid entirely was public speaking. For some evil reason schools insisted that terrified youngsters stood before crowds of judgey-wudgy peers and give speeches. In hindsight I know why this a part of the curriculum....

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Combating Conscious Shopping Excuses

Hey Planet! I love you but nah. When it comes to being ‘eco’ we fashionistas (along with everyone else) are really good at making excuses why we can’t make more earth friendly changes. It really doesn’t matter how far along you are with your environmentally minded evolution, there are always ways to improve. It’s just the barrier or comfort zone pushing that can make the transition scary. Being the stubborn species that we are, these eco evolutions require us moving past a mental hurdle and shift our ideals or habits. Let’s look at some common hurdles (which is a...

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Fungi and Fashion- What’s the Link?

Mushroom Magic! After spending the afternoon hunting for forest fungi with my Mr. in tow I thought what better time than now to share with you some fungi photos and relate it back to fashion. While it can be difficult to see the links between a forest walk loaded with bright, beautiful (and some butt-ugly but still awesome) fungi to fashion, the relationship is more obvious than you might think! Fungi, mushrooms and bacteria are being used to create eco and ethical alternatives to traditional leather. I’ve written about this in previous posts that you can check out now...

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Fair Fashion Design

Ethical and Sustainable Style. Ever wished that you could just pick up a book of high-fashion editorial images and know that all of them are sustainably and ethically made? I kind of wish this every time a book or magazine with an enticing outfit on the cover crosses my path. The pang of desire for easy-access planet and people friendly clothing is stronger still when I stroll through a conventional shopping complex. Where loads of beautiful textiles and designs staring out from glossy store windows appeal visually, but the fact that someone or something somewhere probably suffered for existence...

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Five Money and Environment Saving Ideas

Stylish Eco living doesn’t have to cost the Earth When it comes to the crunch, the dollar is often the deciding factor in whether or not we act according to our well-meaning eco values. We can be as eco-minded as they come, but realistically our purses are our limits (something you might remember me discussing in this post). Fortunately being eco-action-based doesn’t always have to be a drain on finances. The following five money and environment saving tips, while simple, will see you taking positive eco-action without having to take out a second mortgage. Think secondhand first While many...

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