Month: April 2017

Fashion Revolution: Haulternative

Alternatives you can shop by. Part of the Fashion Revolution challenge is finding more mindful ways to shop. So this year I’m taking part by doing my first ever video- a haulternative! What’s a haulternative you say? Good question! It’s an alternative to the traditional haul-shopping- video that shows more ethical and mindful ways to work with what you have or introduce additional items to your closet. My video is focused on the ‘buyrarchy of needs‘ and ways that you can use this model in your own life. If you want to do your own Haulternative check out the details here. Hope you enjoy my first ever attempt at video (sorry it’s not super fancy, I ran out of time for making it look pretty). Let me know your thoughts! Do you want more videos? If so what...

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Postive Exposure

Rethinking Beauty Yesterday I was lucky enough to find myself seated front and centre for one of the most inspiring presentations I’ve seen in a long time. The presenter- Rick Guidotti- worked as a high profile fashion photographer for fifteen years in New York, Milan, Paris, and London shooting campaigns for labels like Yves Saint Laurent and editorial images for all the best glossies. While he enjoyed the art of photography and the beauty of his subjects he longed for photography subjects that allowed for artistic interpretation. He found that there was little challenge in shooting subject that were...

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Fashion Revolution 2017: Sass & Bide

We will never forget. On this day in 2013 the Rana Plaza building collapsed killing 1,138 people and injuring more than 2500 others. Many of those involved in the incident were garment factory workers who were sent to work to meet the tight manufacturing deadlines enforced by fast-fashion turnaround times. There were reported structural faults in the building prior to the 24th. It’s safety had been discussed in the local media and many other employees from other companies in the building had deemed it too risky to go to work. Yet fashion waited for no-one and the results were...

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Must Watch: Ethical Fashion and Sustainable Living

It’s a little chilly here in Australia. As the weather cools and we start to get ready for the winter months ahead there is nothing better than a night in with good people and a movie, doco, or series. Given that today is Earth Day and our Fashion Revolution week celebrations will be kicking off on the 24th why not have a sustainability or fashion themed home-theatre night in this weekend? The following suggestions should help you theme the ideal nights line up to suit your own Earth Day or Fashion Revolution theme. Fashion Flicks. There is nothing written anywhere to say...

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Beating the Eco Blues: Three Tips To Consider

Living isn’t always easy. Life is full of challenges. Navigating a social landscape where sustainability and people/animal ethics doesn’t always get the first priority can be really difficult. Add on top of that the fact that the world seems a little more bonkers than usual (i.e. the prospects of war, missile testing, financial panic, and all the other scary stuff being thrown around the news of late) it can be a little tricky to keep your positive attitude afloat. The following tips are aimed to help you keep your eco and ethical attitudes fresh in the face of a media onslaught of uncertainty. Know that the only change is the only constant. As much as we are creatures of habit, change is very much a key part of our lives. We try to find balance or equilibrium in our lives because it allows us a safe guard of predictability. While we know that there are laws as to how things should turn out, things don’t always play by the rules. For example- when we drop our morning toast it’s a given (thanks to gravity) that the toast will hit the floor. We consistently know this to be a truth because it’s a constant across most of our lives. The weird bit is that there are so many ways that this reality could be changed. One possibility would be that...

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