Let’s celebrate the fabulous things in life.

September is one of my favourites times of the year. Spring is in full swing and there are flowers everywhere (sorry to all the Instagram people for all the flowers on my story feeds… I can’t help myself), there is a freshness in the air, and the month is loaded with celebrations. One of which is my birthday. I’m not big on celebrations about me and I usually let it slide by with little online fanfare, however, I thought it might be fun this year to use my 32nd to celebrate 32 of my favourite fashion type things  (because why the heck not). Here they are in no particular order with no particular agenda.


Five stretchy things.

If you are new to Sustainability in Style you might not yet know that I’m a yoga-a-holic. I did my teacher training a few years back and will be teaching from home when we have the chance to renovate to accommodate my garden view studio. The following are five of my fave yoga related things. Just a quick note. I prefer natural fibres because synthetics aren’t Earth friendly. However, I do wear a lot of recycled synthetics for yoga for the simple fact that I really to give my workout gear as serious workout and couldn’t afford to keep myself clothed in biodegradable fibre types. I recycled my worn out synthetics by making them into bolster stuffing.

  • YogaGlo : Whether your new to yoga or as stretchy as a rubber band I can’t recommend YogaGlo enough. Some of the best teachers around and more than 3000 classes at your finger tips for a monthly fee that’s around the price of a burger and a beer. I love the meditations and Yin and restorative yoga classes and use it daily.
  • Teeki (pictured): The best bohemian prints ever! All done with ethics and sustainability in mind. Teeki yoga clothing is beautiful. My fave bit about my Teeki yoga gear is their stitching. The diamond crotch panel (sorry if this is a case of TMI) in their leggings is the best for getting super stretchy and low without seam blow outs. Important for yogis who like to stretch their leggings to the max in wide leg type poses and deep hip stretches.
  • Hatha Clothing: This locally designer and ethically made label has the softest leggings with epic prints. My fave thing about Hatha leggings is their beautiful designer Paula (who is such a sweetheart). I also really like the luxe fabric they utilise. It’s thick, lightweight, and UV protectant. I love these for sun protection while kayaking.
  •  Stelari: The most babe-a-licious bohemian yoga tank tops made from recycled PET. I’ve got a couple of these and they attract so many compliments! Pretty and Earth positive clothes that will start conversations.
  • JustBe: If you are looking for simple, quality, fair trade yoga gear then this brand is for you. This label do some gorgeous natural fibre tops. I can’t vouch personally for the leggings but my friend has some and loves them. I buy many of my yoga tops secondhand, however I have lashed out on JustBe in the past and been very happy with my buy.


Guilty fashion web indulgences.

Sadly I don’t get much time to trawl corners of the internet reading all my fave blogs anymore. The uni stuff tends to take over my reading time. The following are a few of my guilty pleasures for style inspo and stories. They aren’t sustainable or ethical fashion sources. Just some fun.

  • StyleLikeU: No matter how busy I get I check StyleLikeU religiously. There is something so freaking good about spending some time in someone else’s style journey. The team are really into their What’s Underneath series at the moment but my fave is the Second Skin series, Closets, and Round Table Discussions and Uniforms (now found in their More section).
  • Free People Blog: So many pretty things, ideas, DIY’s and other awesomeness. I can’t say I’ve ever bought anything from Free People (I have a few of their things from the Op Shop) but I do regularly loiter around their blog. They changed the aesthetic and logo recently (not quite as boho) and I lost a little interest but it’s still pretty good. I miss their short films.
  • LookBook: So much style awesomeness in one little place! Real life style from real people with really awesome photo skills from across the Globe.
  • Spell Designs Blog: There are so many beautiful images here to use for styling inspiration. The Spell team have an excellent eye for design and some of their lookbooks are like mini travel adventures. Really fun devour with your eyes with a nice cup of tea in hand.
  • British Vogue: An awesome YouTube channel that delivers all sorts of great content from thoughtful to the fun and frivolous. Well and truly worth looking at if you have a bit of spare time.
  • HONY: This website probably doesn’t need much of an introduction. Real life stories from real people. I’ve actually got the first HONY publication on my coffee table. I like to look through it when I get bouts of compassion fatigue. It’s humbling and unifying.
  • The Sartorialist: Scott has the most amazing eye for street style. In all the years of I’ve been casually stalking this site I’ve never got bored of this street-style-view of the fashion World.
  • Oracle Fox (pictured): I remember stumbling across Amanda Shadforth’s blog baby many years ago when she had her little art studio here on the Sunny Coast. Her studio was beautiful and so impeccably styled (I actually still have some designer items I purchased from the seconded clothing stand she had in the studio) and her aesthetic was deeply bohemian. Now a Global blogging phenomena and a subscriber to the normcore-minimalist-sports-luxe-style-crew her blog has a very grown-up feel about it. However there are still hints of her boho-beachy roots that shine through.
  • Natalie Off Duty: Natalie is a mega babe who consistently brings a boho flair to every outfit she creates. I’ve been a fan of Natalie for such a long time now and admire her ability to stay true to her style no matter who she chooses to work with. It’s obvious that Natalie’s style goes well beyond clothing because that boho gal shines through in every photo.
  • Man Repeller: Leandra Medine is a god. Enough said.


Fashion watches.

To date most of my fashion related must-watches have been a bit full on. I’m actually not that serious in person and spend far to much time watching fluffy crap while writing here or doing assignments. The following are some fun fashion filled eye-feasts that you can watch without having to think too deep.

  • Confessions Of A Shopaholic: A movie filled with fashion, sample sales, hilariousness, wacky banter, and economics. I’m sold! While this might be seen as a ‘fun’ watch that hasn’t scored all that well with the critics, it’s actually a really interesting and important look at how we consume fashion in excess. Becky’s struggle with shopping is made light in this movie, but hoarding is a pretty complex issue and the psychology behind it is deep (it might not come as a shock that I also enjoy watching The Hoarder Next Door for the same reason).
  • Suddenly 30: More a silly rom-com than a serious fashion film, this movie is based in Fashion Magazine land which is why I love it. What I find endearing about this movie is how sweet, innocent, and totally perfect fashion and fashion editorial is through the eyes of a 13 year old. Jenna’s “Barbie meets Britney”outfit compete with butterfly hair clips takes me right back to 13!
  • Sex And The City: Carrie Bradshaw. The NYC writer with an unrealistic lifestyle (seriously… what freelance writer can afford that apartment), a passion for expensive shoes, and extreme narcissistic tendencies that well all love to love. SATC is a fashion institution for those of us who were old enough to watch them in the noughties. No matter how many times I watch SATC I still enjoy Carries quick wit and (sometimes baffling) outfits.
  •  The Devil Wear Prada: This movie is a pretty realistic look at life inside the fashion world from my personal experience. Long hours with horrible and/or demanding co-workers, minimal pay, and not much sleep. All with a side serving of gorgeous threads, glitz and glam. I actually had a boss just like Miranda at one point and resorted to red wine to forget about her… that job didn’t last long. I’m not all that into the rom-com storyline thing, but the rest of the movie is pretty on point!
  • Iris (pictured above): If you haven’t seen this doco please watch it now. Iris is the most amazing woman with a life that’s been full of fashion, flair, and excess. Not one to champion minimalism, Iris enabled me to embrace my maximalist ways and come to grips with the fact that I will never be a ‘capsule’ dresser or have a neat-streamlined look. Fashion is an art form and Iris shows us that we can celebrate our style in passionate and unique ways.


Must visit vintage shops.

While Sustainability in Style does share lots of labels that do good I have to admit that I don’t shop at many of them. Most of my closet is secondhand. I love shopping secondhand but don’t spend much time talking about it because it’s not all that useful to show you all the things I find because it won’t help you get the same! However, I can share some of my fave secondhand and vintage shops with you. These are mostly bricks and mortar stores and might only be useful if you find yourself in the right place at the right time.

  • RetroStar Vintage: One of my fave haunts in Melbourne (my heart still resides in this city despite being a Sunny Coast resident for many years now) that has to be seen to be understood. RetroStar is located in the beautiful Nicholas Building in Swanston Street Melbourne. It’s jam packed full of vintage goodness and always has gold. You can also shop online now but the experience isn’t the same.
  • Collective Haus (pictured above): This divine vintage shop is set in a beautiful old Queenslander in the Sunny Coast hinterland town of Yandina. Full of boho goodies this place is worth the trip if you happen to find yourself within the Sunny Coast area.
  • Fabulous Darling: I’ve been a frequent customer of this packed-to-the-rafters Sunny Coast vintage store for many years now. The owner has been collecting for such a long time and there is no way to describe how many different eras, style, and treasures are in store. Not for the faint hearted, if you are happy to have a dig you will find something fab here.
  • Chapel Street Bazaar: This place used to be part of my walk to and from work when I lived in Windsor. More of an adventure through time than a shop you really have to check this place out to believe that it exists. Make a special visit to Chapel Street when you find yourself in Melbourne specifically for this store.
  • Retrobutterfly: A pretty little online store from my beautiful gal-pal Michelle. Not satisfied with just a passion for vintage, Michelle has recently branched out into her own range of printed tees. Such a clever cookie.
  • Second Loves: Run by the gorgeous Byron Bay gypsy Nat, Seond Loves is an online boutique committed to the very best in vintage goodies. Nat can be found tripping up and down the East coast of Australia setting up her Second Loves stall at markets near you. Be sure to visit her if she’s ever in your part of the country.


Conscious fashion labels to love.

There are some labels that I just love to look at and/or wear. As I mentioned above, I don’t buy much new stuff (aside from yoga gear) because I’m talented at secondhand shopping, but the following labels have pretty things that I would buy if I needed to.

Hope that you have enjoyed this little look into the not-so-academic or World-changing list of things that I like to fill my spare time with.

If you have a random fave that you want to share please do so below!