Erica’s #garmentgratitude story. First seen on @awastenotkindoflife

Two months ago I caught a post on @sustainabilityinstyle that really caught my attention. She proposed that we the peeps of Instagram begin a movement. ⠀

One that focuses on mindfulness, sustainability and happiness by giving appreciation for the garments we wear by thanking the people and/or the planet for making it and putting these pieces into action by pledging to do something positive while you’re wearing it. How awesome is that?! 😃 ⠀

If you’ve seen @truecostmovie you totally understand all that goes into modern clothing, some at a greater cost than others. I knew right away I wanted to do this but I’m so darn self conscious about having pictures taken of me and felt like I needed to have some deep meaningful story so I kept putting it off. 🙈 ⠀

But then I realized that’s not the point. There is no pressure to share anything special, just that you’re being mindful and showing your clothes + the people/resources that made them some love. So, without further adeiu, it’s time for a little #garmentgratitude 💃🏼👗💕 .⠀

Today I am thankful for this linen striped tee that I snagged last year. Purchased for its versatility, this top stood in as part of my costume last Halloween when I dressed up as a rockstar using items in my closet, has been the perfect travel companion and by being so neutral I’ve been able to be wear it during all seasons of the year. Thank you to the people who put it together and to the earth for the flax used to produce it (btw, did you know linen is made from flax fibers?! I did not until just about 10 minutes ago. 😳👌🏻). I shall show my gratitude by wearing this shirt to shop locally at a nearby farmers market! 😘🙏🏻🚮 .⠀

Thank you Katie for being the kickstart for such a positive movement. 👍🏻😀 Please join her by sharing your #garmentgratitude and tag @sustainabilityinstyle so she can read your story!⠀