Taming the holiday spirt.

Let’s face it December can be tough work even for the most festive of folk. It’s the time of year where all the deadlines loom. School wraps up for the holiday season, the weather is at a bit of a peak changing point, and suddenly everyone has the urge to catch up all at the same time. If you happen to work in the service or holiday industry it’s likely that you are gearing up (or already in) the busiest time of the year. Christmas is, without a doubt, the most busy time of the year. There is little wonder at the fact that with hustle and bustle (or jingling bells) that emotions can start to run high. These emotions, if kept unchecked, can result in holiday burn out or sometimes a huge Christmas day altercation often caused by something as insignificant as who gets to carve the turkey. Those who don’t celebrate the holiday aren’t immune to it’s effects as roads get busier, public holidays cause closures, and the shopping centres and tourist parks start to bust at the seams. As I have done in previous years, Sustainability in Style is focusing on an alternate look at Christmas. Todays post should help reduce the crazy in your day.


Meditations for you from me.

As a little gift to you I will start adding some meditations to the site. This one above is just a practice run for the idea and it’s a little rough around the edges. Future meditation posts will be a little more polished and as soon as I wrap my brain around the process of podcasts they will be available to download for ease of use on your personal devices. These meditations are just the warm up of where Sustainability in Style is headed in the new year. In 2017 I will be launching an additional subscription only section for those who want a little more from their Sustainability In Style readings. This section will be available for a small monthly (or annual for a reduced rate) subscription fee and will open you up to a variety of style resources, e-books and a magazine, healthy and sustainable living tips and tricks, cutting edge science in terms accessible to all,  yoga, and meditation. All available from wherever you happen to find yourself and your e-device. The site will launch either in conjunction with or soon after the publication of The Closet Scientist and will create a open, warm, and welcoming space to connect with yourself, and others. For those who are eagerly awaiting the launch of The Closet Scientist, it’s not too far off now. I’m still awaiting word from my University to find myself a supervisor for the sustainability-education science experiment that you can participate in when you purchase your copy of the book. As soon as that it sorted you will not only have the opportunity to get your ‘personal style PhD’ through your reading, you will also be able to be a part of a one-of-a-kind research project that will test the ability of sustainability style educational material on it’s ability to change the way we all shop for the better. It’s been such a long time coming but I am so excited about this project and think we will all have the most wonderful time in being stylish ‘scientists’ together. I kind of want to ride unicorns over rainbows I’m that excited about the data we can create from this humble little blogging space. Who would have thought that we fashionistas would be able to contribute so much to the world of sustainability education. Who said fashion was frivolous?

How do you stay sane during the silly season? Meditation and yoga are my go to. Share yours below.