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We want you to feel ready to take action through our supportive learning community. 

Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach is focused on supporting changemakers for reduced overwhelm.   


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We succeed on our own terms

Sustainability in Style has always marched to the beat of it’s own drum and here we believe in being succeeding as Sustainably Stylish Leaders on our own terms. We adhere to the Russ Harris definition that, “True success is living by your values” and this is something we accomplish every single day on our Passion fuelled journey towards a more Sustainable future.

The Team

We may be small, but we are mighty!

Sustainability in Style is a grassroots-self-built e-platform project that’s founded on love, transparency and fostering sustainable business.

It’s our belief that for a business to be truly sustainable it needs to have a balanced system of outputs and inputs meaning that time, money, and happiness need to be at an equilibrium.

Our team is small, but our mission is mighty and we can’t wait to be able to sustainably afford to invite more people to join us!

Sebastian Adam

Blog Manager of Sustainability in Style, Sebastian (Seb- The CEO of Wags) was a founding member of the crew (2010-2021). He was in charge of enforcing mandatory OH&S breaks, creating awareness of trip hazards (or causing trip hazards) in the office, alerting the crew to postal deliveries, and bringing the outdoors indoors to remind us why we do what we do.

Katie Roberts

Creator of Sustainability in Style, Katie went from a career in the fashion industry to Environmental Science with a sustainability major and a side serving of yoga teacher training. She’s also pursued her passion for sustainability in post grad research into sustainability education through e-platforms.

Gerard Adam

Blog husband, support crew, and occasional photographer. Ged is an Environmental Scientist and an avid enthusiast of aquatic realms, with a focus on coastal resource management, aquaculture, and fisheries management.  Ged is a continual sounding board and source of support for the Sustainability in Style team.



We are really proud to have Sustainability in Style featured in or associated with the following Publications and News Outlets. Sharing is caring and we are very grateful for the feature.

“Sustainability in Style is a blog that demands your attention- your wardrobe and your wallet will soon be thanking you.

This is more than just a fashion blog: with wit, warmth and wisdom, Katie’s posts cover everything from DIY projects and thrift shopping to simple living tips and information about getting involved in campaigns.”

~Peppermint Magazine Issue 25

“If anyone is qualified to write about ethical style, it’s Katie Roberts. An environmental scientist with a background in fashion design…Remember this name.”

~Ethical fashion blogs: the best around via Otter

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There’s lots of ways to connect here at Sustainability in Style. If you are seeking a group support please join in the Mindful Living HQ members site or communicate on socials. Looking to work together? Use the contact form. Just so you know, Sustainability in Style has always been an educational platform free from advertising. As much as we love sustainable products we won’t be able to help advertise your brand. 

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