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Frequently Asked Questions

This information is provided for all those lovely people who seek to get in contact with Sustainability in Style. It’s really important to read over this information prior to requesting any collabs, advertising, referral deals, or content contribution enquires. Sustainability in Style cannot offer any of these sorts of deals and is proudly ad-free.

Can You Advertise My Brand for Me?

Sustainability in Style cannot offer any adverting deals. This space is free from advertising to maintain data integrity for academic studies. While we endeavour to reply to all emails, the volume of advertising content submissions hold up the reply process.

Can you add my link to your articles?

Sustainability in Style loves to champion a great resource. These resources are researched and included at the time of writing the article. Any enquires to add hyperlinks to post-publishing will be met with a polite refusal and due to the volume of these enquires, replies may be delayed.

Can I Send Free Things?

We are so flattered here at Sustainability in Style to have lots of kind offers to send us free things to trial and review. Unfortunately the answer to ‘can I send you a sample or gift’ is ‘No’. As Sustainability in Style is free from advertising bias this is extended to product because accepting product is a transaction.

Why Don't You Advertise Brands Doing Good?

Sustainability in Style is focused on Sustainability Education and academic research and for this reason cannot advertise other brands no matter how wonderful they are. There are lots of Fashion Bloggers who can tell you what brands to buy from and for brands seeking advertising deals please check out Ethical Writers & Creatives who will partner you up with the right influencer.

Can I Email to Chat?

Email discussion about all things Sustainability, Style and Sustainability education are welcome here at Sustainability in Style. E-pen pals fill our inbox and hearts with joy. Please do email us for a chat or to enquire or discuss any things or topics you that have arisen from your time here.

Got some website feedback?

Behind the scenes of Sustainability in Style is one self-taught-website-builder and her blog-manager dog. We appreciate your feedback on any parts of the site that aren’t operating as it should be. Please let us know about any technical hiccups, spelling mistakes, broken links or any other pointers you might have.

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