~Emma’s story as told to and by Katie.

Amanda is a Fashion Teacher at the Sunshine Coast Tafe and has an impeccable eye for detail. She watched a tree full of children (mother duties) while we chatted all things sustainability, fashion, and World Environment Day Festival. Amanda had hosted a Sustainable Fashion show as part of the festival earlier in the day (which I was useless and I didn’t get to see), but she decided this wasn’t enough for her #garmentgratitude eco pledge. Her second action was bringing her eco coffee cup along to the festival and using it all day (a pretty good effort considering she was apparently running late).

Amanda was grateful for her bangle. It was a gift from her husband in 2012 from the designer Amanda Caines who made the bracelet using traditional weaving techniques and items found in the River Thames. Already owning a necklace from the same designer Amanda loves her bracelet and was showing me how she has repaired bits that had come loose in the past. Amanda doesn’t have Instagram at the moment but her fashion students are trying to get her to create an account.

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