Stretch | The Core of it All

  It’s Wednesday and time for a new Stretch yoga release on IGTV! 

Today’s yoga class was a request from @serene_eco  who was keen for some core awareness and a bit of a balance challenge. 

We start with some basic awareness to get you thinking about assigning value to that core! Your core is a central group of muscles that stabilise and control the pelvis and spine. There is a belief that you work on your core to be ‘strong’ but the reality is that you actually use your core for posture and to ‘promote ease of movement’

Yoga practice is well known to encourage stability in the body and a breath-body awareness. There’s little wonder it’s been the topic of extensive academic research. Research published in the International Journal of Yoga  into the physiological and psychological impacts of yoga on sufferers of chronic lower back pain  confirmed that yoga (60 minutes twice a week for twelve weeks) was effective in reducing pain and disability. This was attributed to an increase in flexibility and core strength, which was a novel part of the research. The researchers found that within their participant groups, upper abdominal strength showed the largest improvement and increase in back extensor strength. The researchers hypothesise that core strength could be the reason for reduced lower back pain may be the result of improvement in lumbar stabilisation.

Enjoy it here. 

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