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Quelli’s #Garmentgratitude Story

Quelli's #Garmentgratitude Story Quelli’s #garmentgratitude story as told to and by Katie (@QUELLICI) Quelli was chatting to Jenna when I asked him if he would be happy to take part in the #garmentgratitude movement. We felt as though we had met before but couldn’t quite work out where. Regardless of the time and place of initial meeting we found a common passion for the documentary Unravel. He shared his love of the humanness this document fosters as it looks into the lives of women in India who are employed to shred and recycle garments from the west (if you...

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Wearing Happiness: Clothing and Mood

Can your clothing affect your mood? Most of us would probably agree that there is a relationship between what we wear, our emotions and moods. Even if you don’t notice the subtle fashion attributed mood changes there is no denying that too long in a pair of stilettos will make anyone cranky. Psychological research conducted by researchers at the University of Huddersfield quantified, formalised and explored the causal relationships between clothing style, preference, personality factors, emotions and mood with some interesting results. The Study For the study 27 female undergraduate students were given eight outfits. These outfits were casual,...

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Holly’s #garmentgratitude story

Holly’s #garmentgratitude story. First seen on @secondhand_holly As soon as I came across the #garmentgratitude project I knew straight away my darling Shawl was the wardrobe item I wanted to share. I found it in an Op Shop 13 years ago just after my first baby was born and I just snapped it up and put it straight on and it hasn’t really come off much since… 13 years later >>> I am now a Mother of 3 beautiful children and I couldn’t have done it without my trusty Shawl. We have laughed, cried, hugged, slept, gardened 👆🏼,explored and...

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Nature & Health: Mid-Winter Warmers

Warding off the Winter chill. With winter solstice a couple of days behind us it’s clear that mid-winter is here for us in the Southern Hemisphere. Fortunately staying warm in winter doesn’t have to be damaging to people or the planet. This article is a look at my most recent Eco Style Column for Nature & Health magazine, and some tips on how to ward off the cold in the most sustainable fashion. Easy Eco Warmers. Here are some super easy ways to warm up on a cool day without having to resort to sitting in front of the...

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Tasha’s #garmentgratitude story

Tash's #garmentgratitude story. Tash’s #garmentgratitude story. First seen on @spindriftcollection⠀ ⠀ I discovered an amazing initiative and blog post by @sustainabilityinstyle to really be grateful for garments that you wear and love and wanted to share one of my favourite items from my wardrobe! These are my well worn, well loved and amazing Scarpa hiking boots. I’m so grateful for these boots because they have taken me on so many great hiking adventures to places such as up into the breath taking himalayan mountains of Nepal, New Zealand, Europe and hikes here in Australia over the 5 years that I...

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