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The Impact of Shooting Hurricanes

Shooting at storms  Have you seen it? The force of mother nature unleashing in such a way that we can do nothing but bunker down and take in her fury and beauty. Hurricane Irma has been a lot for people to take in. The devastation is widespread and relief efforts to provide food, water, and shelter are imperative at this point in time.  Watching the news feed in the lead up to the hurricane reaching Florida I saw a Sheriff tell people they will ‘fight’ the hurricane (I immediately thought ‘HOW’). Another giggle-worthy moment was the news headline: ‘Do not...

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September Netflix Roundup

Netflix round up Hey folks! It’s spring but spring doesn’t always mean ‘get outside and do stuff’. Here on the Sunshine Coast we have had the driest winter since 2004, so while I’ve been frolicking in dusty fields, the southerners have been stuck inside and doused with torrential rain. For all those who are declaring ‘screw it I’m staying inside’ here’s what you might like to watch on your screen. Hey folks! It’s spring but spring doesn’t always mean ‘get outside and do stuff’. Here on the Sunshine Coast we have had the driest winter since 2004, so while...

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Drinking Straw Bracelet

Found yourself straw bombed? Never fear! It happens to every good eco-minded person no matter how diligent you try to be in your quest to say no to the plastic straw. If you have scored yourself this annoying bit of single use plastic why not try to find a way to make it useful again. I would argue that this incarnation of drinking straw is an upcycle because I like it much better in bracelet format than in it’s not-very-attractive drinking straw format. This is super easy and will make a good gift idea. You will see I’ve added...

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Dissecting the $5 Organic Cotton Tee

The too good to be true deal? We have spoken and brands are starting to listen! Across the fast-fashion spectrum we are starting to see a movement towards more responsible manufacturing. Or so it seems. How much of this is just too good to be true? Well, I’m investigating Best & Less Australia for their organic cotton range. If you are a E(co) Newsletter subscriber you will have seen a link to this Australian discount retailers new range of organic cotton tees earlier in the week. I’m super excited that they have noted that their customers might want toxic...

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National Op Shop Week 2017

Happy Op-Shop Week! This week Australia is celebrating National Op Shop Week. For those of you who aren’t aware the term ‘op-shop’ is some Australian and New Zealand street-slang (probably developed deep in the ghettos of the ‘Country Women’s Association’) for a thrift, or charity second hand store. National Op Shop week is all about mindfulness and awareness of the lifecycle of a garment and to get you to think about: donating quality items of clothing and household goods to charity op shops instead of sending them to landfill, encourage you to take that $20 from your pocket and hit...

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