As you may have read in my ramblings on the Peppermint Take Action post on June 24th, for the month of July I hope to bring you delicious food and adventures around my local area as a way to nourish the body and soul over the uni mid year holiday break. Steph of The Inelegant Horse Rider, a long term blogging buddy of mine who I met via Instagram, has also jumped aboard the Nourish in July bandwagon and I can’t wait to see what delicious delicacies and epic Scottish adventures she has in store for us. She has even mentioned a blogging collaboration over the month so hopefully we can share nourishing vibes from across the globe.

The last few days have been committed to making the blog more user friendly. I figured if I can’t find anything on it and I am the one in charge of it there is a good possibility that you guys have no idea how to find anything either. It’s been a steep learning curve for a woman who knows very little about web design but now there are appropriate fancy buttons in place (include an opportunity to sign up for a newsletter WAHOO) the goal is to reorganise the categories and pages to be more user friendly. Please bear with me while the clean up is in order.

One good thing is that while scrolling through YouTube to find some blog clean up entertainment I came across the fab BBC doco series called ‘Secrets of the Superbrands’ where self confessed fashion novice Alex Riley immerses himself in the world of clothing ‘superbrands’ in order to understand how these prominent labels have managed to worm their way into our closets and our psyches. Alex’s humorous and informative look at why and how we spend on these labels is definitely worth a watch. My favourite bit was his trip to Luxottica where he finds out the truth about many designer labels ‘bottom of the pyramid’ items, they are all made in the same place by the same people on the same machines. I witnessed this process in action in factories in India, machinists ‘clocking off’ from designer shirt production and starting on shirting for a chain store straight after. It made me realise the strength that advertising and marketing has in creating a point of difference for what really is pretty much the same item aside from the labels. When we buy from a brand it represents a lifestyle we wish to be a part of. This documentary does a great job of looking at why we buy this way.

As its nourish month I finally have an excuse to talk food. I am by no means a chief but have found a meditative bliss in making a big mess of my kitchen every evening. Tonight’s dinner was rice paper rolls followed up with a choc banana ‘ice-cream’. This ice-cream is super easy to make and slightly healthier than the regular ice cream but loaded with fruit based sugars so consume in moderation. The best part about it is that there are no animal products which means it’s more sustainable than regular ice cream. My serving suggestion is one part ice-cream one part BBC documentary.   Recipe for banana ice-cream is below. Just a warning. Many of my recipes came for a source once-upon-a-time however they usually get mashed up by me every time I make them until I find the exact right blend of ingredients for my tastebuds. Can’t say I have any idea where this banana ice-cream idea would of come from originally but in the future if I can remember the source I will provide it.


Choc Banana Ice-cream

You will need

  • 1 Overripe Banana that has been frozen
  • 1 Medjool Date
  • Coconut Yoghurt or Coconut Cream
  • Two drops of Vanilla extract (optional)
  • 1 Teaspoon Coconut Oil
  • 1 Teaspoon Cacao Powder


Roughly chop your banana and date and put them into a food processor and blitz. Turn to a lower speed and slowly add coconut yoghurt or coconut cream and vanilla (if desired). Watch mixture for desired consistency. More liquid will create more of a soft serve style ice-cream. I usually add around 2-3 tablespoons but it’s dependant on the size of the banana. Once you have your desired consistency then it’s ready to devour! As tempting as it is don’t lick the food processor blade because you only get one tongue and it should be looked after 😉

To make the choc topping simply mix the liquified coconut oil (it gets hard lower temperatures but can easily be warmed up to melt on the stove or microwave or in the sunshine) and the cacao powder together to make a chocolate sauce. You can add a sweetener like rice malt, stevia, or agave if you like but the banana and date is pretty darn sweet so it’s not essential. Pour the sauce over your ice-cream and watch it solidify like magic!

So… just a quick little note that you can read while eating your ice cream.

If you are interested in sharing a recipe or an adventure or just want to jump aboard and spend July eating delicious things and going on adventures in your home town don’t be afraid to get in contact. You can either chat to us below or if you want to get in contact with me you can head to the new and improved contact page

Looking forward to spending a happy and healthy July with you all!

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