Living isn’t always easy.

Life is full of challenges. Navigating a social landscape where sustainability and people/animal ethics doesn’t always get the first priority can be really difficult. Add on top of that the fact that the world seems a little more bonkers than usual (i.e. the prospects of war, missile testing, financial panic, and all the other scary stuff being thrown around the news of late) it can be a little tricky to keep your positive attitude afloat. The following tips are aimed to help you keep your eco and ethical attitudes fresh in the face of a media onslaught of uncertainty.

Know that the only change is the only constant.

As much as we are creatures of habit, change is very much a key part of our lives. We try to find balance or equilibrium in our lives because it allows us a safe guard of predictability. While we know that there are laws as to how things should turn out, things don’t always play by the rules. For example- when we drop our morning toast it’s a given (thanks to gravity) that the toast will hit the floor.

We consistently know this to be a truth because it’s a constant across most of our lives. The weird bit is that there are so many ways that this reality could be changed. One possibility would be that a sneaky bird spots your toast falling and swoops in to catch it before it hits the ground. Suddenly this consistent truth we have known about toast landing on the floor if you drop it has now changed to the possibility of a dropped breakfast flying!

This idea might seem irrelevant for a sustainability fashion based blog, but the fact that change in our routine and the shaking of our core beliefs can happen at any time is both wonderful and frightening and can easily translate to our ability to affect change as consumers. We have seen that Trump can be voted president (yes, that is as baffling and shocked as many people as a breakfast taking flight would). Depending on what side of the election you were on this could be a miracle or a disaster. If Trump can be president, against all kinds of odd and the not-so-popular vote change the way the fashion industry operates seems pretty darn possible.

Crazy things can and do happen and the best bit is that the next crazy thing is just around the corner. So while you might feel down or desperate from time to time (especially in the face of environmental damage, religious uprising, the musings of war and such) change does happen. It happens all the time. The best bit is that you get to choose how you react to the change! It might sound silly but if you are feeling a little down why not change your outfit to your faves. Wear all your fave things at once if you are feeling really down. Literally changing your clothing to something you love can help lift your mood. It won’t solve the worlds problems but it might just solve all of yours momentarily by shifting you into a positive mindset.

Try to do one thing every day to make the world a more positive place.

Depending on your situation and outlook this might sound like a total wank. However there is much to be said about being kind. Some folks like to think that being kind is a selfless act. It’s not really! Acts of kindness create feelings of positivity and a sense of purpose in the person committing the act.

While their intentions may be 100% selfless, the act of kindness will give the doer a serious buzz. By being kind you get so much back! When you feel really crap, why not try to do something for someone else. Feeling really crap? Head back a step, don all your fave clothes, then go out and do something nice for someone else!

Get some sleep and eat well.

Want to know a little secret? People who sleep are more effective at getting things done! Seems all a bit to simple doesn’t it? In a culture where sleep macho is rife, we often associate sleep with laziness rather than success. Despite this sleep deprivation urban legend super successful Arianna Huffington made an entire revolution based around getting a good nights shut-eye!

In addition to getting rest, eating well to fuel your body right will give you the extra energy you need to stay positive. Believe it or not the health of our insides can really affect our moods, health, and motivation. I highly recommend checking out the book 10% Human if gut health is an area that you want to explore some more. Being well rested and not hangry (hungry-angry… it’s a thing) means that your mood is stable and your brain is fuelled up and free from fatigue to tackle your eco-issues stress free.

How are you warding off the negative press? Do you have any fave tips? Any thoughts? Share with us.