I’m going to ‘fess up’ and admit that I have spent a great deal of my life glued to the pages StyleLikeU. There is something fascinating about peering into other people lives and wardrobes and seeing what inspires them to dress the way they do, and how that ‘costume’ or representation of themselves makes them feel in the outside world. Having been established for nearly 6 years, the website is a treasure trove of unique personal representation.  Founders of StylelikeU, mother and daughter team Elisa and Lily’s, began the site with a series of closet interviews with stylish individuals from around the globe. These interviews encompass all genders, ages, and professions and are a beautiful celebration of the uniqueness of individual style and a reminder of how far removed true personal style is from the soulless world of  ‘fast-fashion’. Through StylelikeU Elisa and Lily want to prove  ‘that fashion isn’t a product of money or indiscriminate consumption, but rather a symbol of consciousness and confidence‘.

StylelikeU has grown from a series of closet interviews to a comprehensive look at style and body image with round table discussions, fashion films, topical mashups, features on uniforms, and many others that I have forgotten to mention (I’m too excited to be sharing this with you and will be likely leave out things in my excited keyboard tapping frenzy).

My ABSOLUTE personal favourite on StylelikeU is the ‘Second Skin‘ Series. Beginning in early 2011, the series takes two individuals with seemingly opposite style, and literally makes them spend the day in ‘someone else’s shoes’ (and pants, and shirts, and socks, and sunglasses, and… OK, you get the picture I will stop). These fabulously addicitive videos really made me question how much of myself and my confidence is wrapped up in my identity. The reaction of subjects in these series to wearing someone else’s clothes ranged from near panic attacks to nonchalance. I personally know from working retail and being forced to wear ‘someone else’s style’ (store fashion) that it can severely affect my confidence and disposition. Its easy to shrug clothing off as a necessary evil that covers our nakedness, but it is evident from this series that it means so much more to us complex Homo sapiens  than just modesty and warmth.

I cannot recommend this site highly enough and I wish I could give Elisa and Lily a big hug to say thank you for their years of awesomeness (and the fact they did a HUGE Second Skin series earlier this year).

Images are all from StylelikeU.

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