Fashion Blogger Royalty.

If you have a passion for fashion blogs then there is a good chance that you will know these two words- Garance Doré. Garance is pretty much Queen of all the fashion bloggers (feel free to argue this point in the comments section by adding your blogging royalty) having got into the blogging game early on. Love x Style x Life is a little bit of a sneak peek into Garances private life and personal style tips. It’s not an eco fashion read because Doré does like to indulge in fast fashion (having a whole section on how to dress ‘High-Low’ with high street items) and doesn’t really champion much environmental or ethical thought processes between the covers. However this book is a really fun and interesting look into what it means to be a big time blogger with bucketloads of style.


What you will get from Doré.

Let’s say you head on out and find a copy of this. Whether you borrow one from the library, find it secondhand or get yourself a new one, there is no denying that this book looks freaking gorgeous on your coffee table or dresser. My copy has taken pride of place lazing around on a vintage step ladder (oh so chic and cliché I know) near my closet because I think it looks pretty and  sometimes I’m really shallow like that. So first and foremost if you get a copy of this book it makes for a nice decorating item. Now the ‘judging a book by it’s cover’ bit is out of the way, let’s chat content. The inside of this read is pretty much as gorgeous as the outside. The layout if fun, fashionable and really easy to indulge in while you have a cup of tea and gaze like you are looking into the sunset (a tip from How to Be Parisian.. a book I just realised I haven’t written about yet). When it comes to the word bits- which is actually what some people read books for- Garance has given us a wide variety of content. This book is not really a ‘how-to’ style book. It provides many of the serial style book offenders of ‘Must Have Style Essentials’ and the general hair and makeup tips. Nothing is done in great depth. Where Love x Style x Life excels is in the way that Doré openly shares her blogging journey, including her break up with Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist  fame (if you are reeling at this you are a blog-a-holic my friend)! Garance and Scott were pretty much the Kim and Kanye of the blogging world, so if you are a blog-a-holic learning about what it’s like for blogger to meet, fall in love, then part ways while in the spotlight is totally worth the read. Of course Garance is not defined by her loves and loves lost, she also shares with us the long road she took to get to the lofty heights of blogging fame that she now occupies. The real gems of this read are her tips, pointers, and reflections on blogging life, her life, and how to be a decent person while on your blogging journey.


My fave bits.

What I really enjoyed about this read (other than it’s good look and blog-relationship-gossip) is the section on Elegance. Once you move past all the fashion must haves Doré really provides some great tips on how to be a good person in an e-world. Elegance talks about the importance of making a good impression by looking at ways you can really fuck up a hello (yes… her words not mine so no I’m not going to wash my mouth out with soap). Why it’s super important that you take the time to say thank you to other people who help you on your journey. Her tips is tangible thank you cards, something I would like to aspire to one day but kind of feel guilty about the idea of actual paper and carbon miles to send them. She then continues on with ways to better communicate online and manage your e-commitments. Sure, this content won’t be for everyone. But if you really want to know how a successful blogger operates, Doré has bared her soul between the covers of this book. I would recommend that you have a flick through this book one day and take away what you need. If you are the kind of person who likes to keep coming back to pretty books like this for inspiration (I fit into this category) then owning a copy might be a strategy. Especially because it makes a nice dresser accessory.


Have you read this? Did you enjoy it? Are you a Garance fan? Share your brain below.



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