It has been yet another busy few days so my apologies for not being on top of the social media or blog.

Been feeling a little down in the dumps after a demanding December and January so I lashed out on the weekend and bought myself a copy of The Artist’s Way and a pet Bonsai. The book was planned, the bonsai was an impulse buy. In my defence he was at the supermarket as ‘this weeks special’ and I felt compelled to save him because he had been tipped over and looked a little sad. Perhaps I was drawing a parallel between the tipped over and distraught bonsai and my personal experiences in the last couple of months. Kindred spirits (he he he). Regardless, the pet bonsai is a picture perfect match with my new book!

The Artists Way may look like a regular book, but it is in fact a twelve week program for rediscovering your creativity. I have signed on, or perhaps more accurately ‘sworn an oath of creativity’ from now until May. My creativity hasn’t been too ‘lost’ at the moment but I have found that general responsibilities have been creeping into my much needed creative time and I am worried without an intervention the boring stuff will take over.

This isn’t really a true book review because I can’t say that I have really experienced the joy of reading it yet (I’m only on the first weeks exercises) but I have decided to write about it in case anyone else would like to jump-aboard the program and share their thoughts with me. If you follow the link above there are places to purchase the book, or if you like, the opportunity to complete the course online.

Sworn to an oath of ‘adequate sleep, diet, exercise, and pampering for the duration of the course’ I went to be early last night, began the day with an early morning yoga session at the beach, which I plan to make a regular thing, and have ensured I remember to eat a decent lunch. Haven’t done any real pampering yet, but I guess being kind to myself is a good start. Best news of all is that I finished my ‘Masters of Environment Sustainability Education’ application last night so hopefully a good two year dose of study is on its way for me from March!

It looks like an exciting twelve weeks are ahead of me.

If you decide to join in the creativity discovery can comment here, via social media, or send through a email on the contact page.

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