You may remember me raving over and over again about the joys of Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Book.

Turns out Oprah likes it too.

In fact Oprah and Arianna have got together to offer us a six week long course based around putting the wisdom of Thrive into action. The course contains over forty lesson videos from Arianna that are all centred around the Thrive book (FIY it is a ‘required reading’ of the e-course).

The course promises videos from inspiring folks, and experts on happiness along with giving you tips on how to change your daily habits, transform your life and track your progress. Promising to be more than ‘just a set of instructions’ the Thrive e-course aims to inspire you to live better through the art of conversation and knowledge sharing.

Despite being in the process of saving cash for a wisdom tooth extraction I have lashed out on this course as it appears to have shown itself to me at the right time (the end of The Artists Way and the beginning of a month of mindfulness practice) for a reason. I hope it will help me address some of the stresses associated with the blogging/writing/working/studying life.

Will share any interesting results in the book club follow up next week.

Let me know if you plan to embark upon this course too. We can be e-pen friends. 🙂

Ps. If you are interested in the course get in quick it’s starting right now! 


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