De-Stress for Changermakers

It’s Monday and that means a new Breathe Meditation release on IGTV 

For those who care it can be really tough out there! When we invest emotional, physical, mental and/or spiritual energy into doing good for people and planet good things can happen. However, keeping up your spirits in an onslaught of negative news and the pressing urgency of climate and ethics issues can be a challenge. But why is it that those who care the most suffer the most?

Here’s two terms from a scholarly paper titled  Ecoanxiety: How thinking about climate change‐related environmental decline is affecting our mental health that might increase your understanding of the source of and language surrounding eco-anxiety.

 The ‘biophilia hypothesis’ (originally coined by Wilson 1984), suggests that we humans have an intrinsic connection with mamma nature and get mental, spiritual and emotional benefits from this connection. When we hear news, or personally experience negative eco-impacts that ‘disrupt’ our natural connection we can experience ‘ecological grief’.   

One way to help ease this grief is to cave time out for self-care. Why not check out today’s breathe meditation and see if it might be a tool to add to your changemaker support toolkit. 

Enjoy it here. 

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