Pause, Breathe, and BALANCE YOUR SustainABLE SELF

We all want to live our best lives and most of us would like to do so without costing the Earth. Sustainability in Style provides a unique blend of yogic philosophy, mindfulness and science to help you navigate living in sustainable style. Content and events fit into eight categories: grow, stretchbreathestyle, makeplay, read, and share, to help you find the right fit for your current needs on the path to being your most Sustainable Self


Sustainability in Style understands that being a change for good in the world can be stressful. Compassion fatigue is a real problem.

Reconnect with your inner inspiration and stay optimistic and hopeful about your world changing efforts.


Breathe News

The Breathe News feed shares mindfully creative and reflective content. 

If you want additional Breathe content, courses and meditations in one easy-access members space check out Mindful Living HQ online.

Breathe| Meditation for Changemakers

Breathe| Meditation for Changemakers

De-Stress for ChangermakersIt's Monday and that means a new Breathe Meditation release on IGTV  For those who care it can be really tough out there! When we invest emotional, physical, mental and/or spiritual energy into doing good for people and planet good things...

Breathe Waterside Meditation

Breathe Waterside Meditation

Breathe Waterside MeditationIt's Monday and that means a new Breathe Meditation release on IGTV  Today's meditation is an opportunity to kick-back, relax, and be transported to the waters edge. Enjoy the sun on your face, the glistening water, and the light breeze as...


There’s lots of ways to connect here at Sustainability in Style. If you are seeking a group support please join in the Mindful Living HQ members site or communicate on socials. Looking to work together? Use the contact form. Just so you know, Sustainability in Style has always been an educational platform free from advertising. As much as we love sustainable products we won’t be able to help advertise your brand. 

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