Celina's #garmentgratitude Story

Celina’s #garmentgratitude story as told to and by Katie

The impeccably dressed Celina looked so gosh-darn cute in her hat that photographing her for #garmentgratitude was a must! Which is why it was funny when she noted that she was

‘thankful for my hat for keeping my head protected from the sun’

because she must have known she was onto a style winner with it! She then went on to be thankful for her shirt and pants for the same sun-protecting reason.

She had been enjoying the sunshine at the World Environment Day festival in sun-smart style and her eco-actions were signing petitions, specifically one that was aimed at preventing the build of high-rises on the Yaroomba coastline. She doesn’t have Instagram because she ‘doesn’t need another thing to take up her time’.

Well put Celina!

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