It’s safe to say that as a married woman my dating prowess is a  little rusty.

I do go on lots of ‘dates’ with people that I have met online, but these are all sustainable fashion related, not romantically inclined outings. I was super surprised to find out the other day that there are ways that you can now date to fit your environmental values. A fantastic idea that not only saves you the time and hassle of trying to spot attractive potential partners at zero waste rallies, but also avoids possibility of a Tinder date spent lecturing your new buddy on why they need to pick up that cigarette butt they just dropped. If you are on the look out for someone to wear matching Tibetan socks with while you watch documentaries about solar power on Netflix then there are online options that will help you fast track towards the life goal. The following are dating sites specifically targeted at finding you a friend that shares your values.


Finding your match can be worth the effort.

Hopefully with these sorts of tools available finding someone who appreciates your desire to pick up litter will be a little easier. Or perhaps you are after someone who thinks that it’s endearing that you will walk miles to buy your cereal from the bulk food store when you live over a regular supermarket. Wherever you happen to find love I hope that it fills you with joy. Ged and I are celebrating our two year wedding anniversary today (picture above is from our first day of being husband and wife sailing around the islands of Vanuatu) and I’m so happy to have met my eco-bestie. He supports all my crazy ideas and ventures whether they pan out or not. Thanks for bringing out the best in me Ged. Every day I count myself so very lucky to have met you.

I cannot back the reliability of any of the sources (I found Ged in a bar… old fashioned dating) but I thought it was an interesting topic that some of you might like to know about. If you have had some experience with this style of eco-dating please leave some feedback below.

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