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Katie Roberts

Katie Roberts is an avid creator of content that aims to educate and inspire people to love, care for, and explore the World around them.

Living on the Sunshine Coast for more than a decade, she enjoys sharing her local landscape, lifestyle, and sustainability learnings through online platforms.

Sunshine Coast


Katie Roberts is a multi disciplinary creator who has education and experience in a variety of fields. Her areas of learned expertise are outlined below.

Since graduating from High School in 2002 Katie has been on a lifelong journey of learning. Pursuing her passion for knowledge is an ongoing venture.

This is a summary of her learning ventures to date:


Bachelor of Environmental Science with a Major in Sustainability though the University of the Sunshine Coast. This was embarked upon when Katie moved from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast to study Sustainable Tourism and USC closed the degree. Katie is currently undertaking a Master of Environment with a Major in Sustainability Education


Diploma of Business (Frontline Management) through RMIT University completed in 2004 and Certificate III in Retail Operations (2007) through Dynamic Training. These qualifications have given a firm grounding in business managment and operations.

Yoga and Meditation

200 hour Certified Yoga Instructor through Being Yoga Sunshine Coast. This qualification certifies for Asana Practice, Meditation, and Teaching Methodology.

Product Development

Diploma of Textiles Clothing and Footwear, and Certificate IV in Clothing Production from RMIT University. Completed in 2004 this course of studies was focused on taking a product from conception to sales, including marketing, advertising, and promotions.

Web and Media Design

Certificate II in Arts (Interactive Multimedia) through South West Tafe in 2002. This course was foundations in digital imaging, visual design, web authoring and design, interface design, 3D modelling, animation, and digital video.

Social Media in Focus

Katie’s Masters research studies focus on using Social Media and Web Based Platforms to research the effective delivery of Sustainability Education based messages. Her dissertation is titled ‘From Online Like to Planetary Love: Can Instagram Campaign Participation Encourage Sustainable Action?”


Research Focus: Social Media

Creating Action Based Campaigns

Encourage Critical Thought and Action

Web and Social Media In Action

Online Content Creation

In 2013 Sustainability in Style the webspace, was created to document Katie’s 365 Day Wardrobe Workout Challenge. Since then this space has grown from strength to strength. With online content and social media interactions, this space will launch into a new business and academic research phase in 2018.

Creating Meaningful Connections

This space has been developed slowly and mindfully to create an advertising free space for academic research. This slow, mindful and ad-free evolution was organic and the result of persistence and empathetic and open communication.


Outside of Sustainability in Style, Katie’s efforts have been featured in national publications (online and print) and Katie works as a freelance writer for print publication, Nature & Health¬†as an eco style columnist and Peppermint Magazine as a contributing writer and Sunshine Coast outreach.

Eco Style Insiders

Eco Style Insiders is an Online Sustainability Education based platform due to launch in 2018. This is a Memberpress website with inbuilt BuddyPress social media built by Katie. This self-build experience has given Katie advanced web designing skills that translate to express proficiency in any new or existing programs, apps, or social media channels.

Experience and Projects

Katie has had the opportunity to work in a variety of roles all of which have contributed the personal growth, learnings and development that see her with the versatile skill set she brings to the table in 2018. The following is an overview of her experience. It has be surmised for reading ease into categories rather than chronological order.

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Science Research

Since 2011 Katie has worked in science research, to date she has been involved in a variety of Plant Science related projects through the University of the Sunshine Coast as a technician, and as Project Management.

These projects have included; plant propagation for hardwoods, koala food tree propagation, post harvest research, vulnerable and endangered plant propagation, offset planting, drug development for cancer treatment, in vitro plant growth and research, electron microscopy, virology, biosecurity and plant nutrition agriculture, pollination research.

Research scientists have to be able to work in teams and autonomously and Katie can be found setting up office at home, in a glasshouse, in the field or at an on-site office. She is confident as a manager and works well under the supervision of others.

Journalism and Writing

Katie has been working as a content creator for online platforms since 2013, but her career in writing and journalism began early.

Though high school she worked with a team of writers to create independent street press magazines. This, along with many other community outreach and engagement projects, helped her and a team of local youths organise and advertise a live music festival for the local youths with big name Australian music acts headlining.

In more recent years she has been freelance writing for a variety of publications, has worked with local media to promote Sustainability in Style events, and has even spoken on Sustainability discussion panels at ticketed print Magazine hosted events.


Communication has always been a naturally strong skill for Katie and one that has been enhanced over her professional career path. Years of working frontline retail developed her ability to read others, communicate intuitively and effectively with all people, teach others how to communicate, and lead to a research focus of on communication.

Katie tutored students at the University of the Sunshine Coast for Communication and Thought, and is completing a Masters with focus on Sustainability Education to find the most effective formula for engaging social media users to take action based on social media environmental messages

Marketing and Advertising

Despite the official titles, Katie’s Qualifications in ‘Fashion’ were actually more focused on Product Development and Marketing, than traditional fashion design.

Through her studies Katie was taught, working in small design teams, to develop a product from market research and concept development, through sourcing, design and logistics, to media, sales, and capturing market share.

This training has been utilised in all areas of her life and has made her a powerhouse to work with no matter what the product or idea is. Katie’s worked in fashion, science, agriculture, personal development, yoga and more to help herself and others find the best way to design, build, and share their messages and products with the World.

Autonomy, Team Work, and Managment

Katie has worked in a variety of roles of all levels. She was entrusted with a buyer/manager role for a department store in her fashion career days, work in an international cut, make and sew facility in India as part of a garment research, development and trend forecasting team, she’s worked long hours solo in science labs as Project Management and as part of a large production team.

As a versatile, proactive, and productive person Katie is self motivated, doesn’t waste company time and likes to get the best and most efficient outcome for any situation.

For the last eight years she’s been entrusted to manage her own schedule, working hours, and location to fit project deadlines and desired outcomes. With a laptop, phone, camera, and wifi connection she works from anywhere!

What you get when you work with Katie

Years Of Media Design Experience

Years of Higher Learning

Years of Online Content Creation


Enthusiasm for Online Communication

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