Gratitude From the HeART

Is creativity always on your to-do list and constantly getting sidelined for ‘adulting’. Perhaps to want to get creative but don’t know what to create! ⠀⠀

I know both these excuses have got in my way of expressing my creatively artistically. I was so excited last night when my brain offered me the idea of creating one artistic interpretation of daily gratitude each day. A #gratitudefromtheheART project that you can and should join in if creativity calls. ⠀⠀

It will be challenging to find time for it but we can make time for creativity if we are creative with our time management! ⠀⠀

My first #gratitudefromtheheART was a freestyle paint interpretation of Mother Earth, whom I’m grateful for on a daily basis as she’s in all we see and all we are! ⠀⠀

How to do gratitude from the he(art)

Taking time out daily to express gratitude through the creative medium of art. Take the challenge today and let your soul shine.

If you are brave you can share your art with the tag #gratitudefromtheheART and tag @katierobertsyoga

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