Crow Mind Meditation

This is your invitation to take a break. 

Yup, that’s right. You are totally allowed some time out, R&R, self care– whatever you want to call it! It’s yours and it’s one click away. 

Each Monday (we are a day late due to the public holiday here in QLD but it’s still Monday somewhere right…) we release a free meditation for changemakers over on IGTV. These ‘Breathe’ meditations are all about making a little bit of space in your busy world-changing schedule for a brain break. Whether you’re raising a brood of youngsters during COVID times, trying to work out the next step in your life plan in the wake of the pandemic, or aching for a break from your workload or the overwhelm of bad news and shocking media. ⠀

This series is for you, 
 To nourish your sustainable self.
To use how you like. 
To share with friends and family. 
To make space to live life in sustainable style minus the eco overwhelm


Because we believe in the power of the individual for collective change (but only if they’re not wearing themselves out to the point of compassion fatigue or inaction in the process). 

Ps. If no one has told you this today- You are WORTHY, and you matter. 

This week’s meditation to nurture the sustainable self was guided by nature. We set up at this gorgeous lake-side location only to have a VERY NOISY crow gate-crash. Fortunately, the meditation was adapted to suit, and the crow played nice by following the new script. This meditation we replaced the traditional ‘monkey mind’ (a mind that swings from idea to idea) with a crow mind. And allow you to reduce the noise of the day and find some inner peace in sustainable style.

You can enjoy the latest Sustainability in Style Breathe meditation release on IGTV