I have a secret to confess. I post an outfit a day on this blog, but in reality my day involves, on average, at least three outfits. It would be lovely to be a glamorous one outfit-a-day woman with nothing better to do that read novels and put my feet up, in-between catch ups with my girlfriends and pedicure appointments. The reality is that I am a super busy woman running two blogs, writing a book, managing two science projects, frequenting the gym far too much, cycling to work, renovating a house, and being a good puppy mother and girlfriend. This requires a few outfit changes and a lot of sweat.

One of my fail safe throw on-go anywhere items is a five year old silk onesie that I bought (and subsequently never wore) for a job in a jewellery store while I was studying at uni. This black jumpsuit seems to be appropriate for pretty much any occasion (except selling jewellery apparently) and I love it so much. It gets thrown on of any last minute events, from dinner invitations to house parties. It looks somewhat similar to the one above on, but has zero hanger appeal and looks terrible in a flat lay. Perhaps one day if I am brave enough to ‘model’ my outfits you may see it in person. Until that day my onesie and I will keep our love private.

Do you have a ‘go-to’ item in your closet you would write a sonnet to? Adam Sandler wrote a hilarious ditty to his Red Hooded Sweatshirt, so I know I am not on my own here. Don’t be shy!


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