After an exceptionally long and frustrating day at work on Friday all I could think about on the bus ride home was going op-shopping. Lucky for my wardrobe workout challenge it was too late in the evening to thrift my weekly woes away. I spent the evening with some of the girls at the ‘Nights on Ocean’ St Market absorbing the atmosphere (and some delicious green mango curry with a beer to wash it down). I had less than ten minutes to shower and dress before heading off and ended up wearing a fail safe skirt and faux leather top combo.



Today has been a (well deserved) lazy Saturday. After spending the morning sleeping in and gymming-it-up I have bummed around in the above combo. These shorts are one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. They were purchased with the funds gained from my very first piece of published writing, so I named them my ‘publishing pants’. Not only are they super cute they are ridiculously comfy.