The final day of shopping my wardrobe Free People style. This challenge has taught me:

  • to be more resourceful with what I own,
  • that often I lust after things that are SO similar to what I own that its likely no one would notice it was new if I bought it,
  • my basics are slowly starting to fall to pieces, but as long as this doesn’t inhibit the function of the item it kind of adds its charm (shabby chic perhaps),
  • Erin Wasson is a total babe (but I don’t know if thats new information),
  • and, that I really don’t need to add anything to my current wardrobe to achieve the style I find most appealing.

I hope that it has inspired many of you to head to your closet with some style inspiration in hand and try to replicate with what you own. In no way am I suggesting that fashion trends and personal style are the same thing. However, evolution is part of personal style and it is totally OK to take cues from fashion trends that ‘tickle-your-fancy’. By making your wardrobe the first stop on your style evolution journey you can cut back un-necessary spending on new items and work with what you have. A win for your bank balance, your style, and the Planet.

Happy closet shopping my E-friends!

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