overallsAll I have to say is ‘people in asbestos roofed houses should not throw stones’ (or live in areas affected by extreme weather conditions and tennis ball sized hail). Sunday’s storm, which I was lucky enough to have missed due to my trip to Melbourne, caused days of roof repair chaos. I spent the last three days relaying messages between my landlord and the real estate agents regarding the state of our newly hail damaged asbestos roof. My partner had been advised that we were safe to stay until further notice, however the real estate did a back pedal the following day (somebody smelt a lawsuit) and told us we were supposed to be out (in emergency accommodation, at our expense). Meanwhile the landlord, who was actually dealing with the asbestos assessors, were telling us we were safe to stay.

All this was occurring while I had friends with tickets booked to sub tropical paradise to come visit me (well actually her boyfriend came to visit my dog). So I was busy trying to work two solid days before they turned up and find out if they were actually safe to inhabit my asbestos shack.

SO… purdy please forgive my tardiness!.

The upside is that my partner and I are half way through the process of buying our very own (non-asbestos) shack to live-in renovate!

I see a future full of floor sanding and painting fun in the very near future! Keeping my spirits high and thoughts of rennovations in my present I donned my very best ‘Bob the Builder’ pinafore and hung out with my childhood best friend at the beach.

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