Time flies when your having fun!

Three days to go until I hit the 300 mark. Then before I know it the remaining sixty five days of my challenge will speed by and I will left staring into my closet in disbelief that a year has passed and I know everything in it so well.

While working late night in the lab I watched a documentary called Cherry’s Cash Dilemmas  where Cherry Healey looked at money from the point of view of those who have it, and those who don’t. She experienced life as the yacht shopping super rich and spent a weekend as a couch-surfing Freegan.

At one point Cherry took herself for a bout of ‘rich lady’ shopping (the cashiers will be upset when she comes back to return everything) and in a few hours had managed to wrack up a bill of over ten thousand dollars . She described the experience as being ‘frenzied with desire’ and mentions while shopping that she is ‘getting grabby and wants everything’. This crazed shopping trip made me think of a common comment I heard in my years of working retail, ‘oh I wish someone would give me a limitless credit card and send me shopping for the day’.

Working retail give you plenty of time to contemplate this idea. Sometimes I would lust after an all expenses paid shopping spree, and other times dread the idea of mindless consumption. In actual fact I have had my very own ‘Pretty Woman’ shopping experience when a lovely ex-boyfriend of mine took me into a store and forced me (yes, I protested the entire time) to go on a shopping spree. I left with several bags of surf wear (I was a beach bum at the time) which I appreciated but was reluctant to accept as I didn’t feel like I had earned them.

After a nearly a year of shopping my closet I can’t think of anything I want less than an all expenses paid shopping trip. I finally know what lives in my closet and can appreciate the value of each item, the last thing I would want is to go back to a closet full of strangers. My approach to re-entering the fashion marketplace will be slow and steady. All items that enter will be well thought about, carefully edited and most importantly, built to last. If anything a year of shopping abstinence has made me want even less closet clutter and I find myself removing more and more items to the ‘not so sure’ pile.

It will be interesting to see if my thoughts change come Day 365+ and I get struck down with a bout of ‘frenzied with desire’ and go on a mental shopping spree.

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