shopping is my cardio


Public transport is touted as a more ‘environmentally friendly’ way to get from point A (bed) to point B (work). However in my case, it is also a good way to get from point A to point B via a whole lotta’ op-shops (with the added convenience of not needing to find a car park).

Most Fridays I would just off the bus a couple of stops early, add an extra kilometre walk onto my daily commute and have a browse through the second-hand stores. I have always thought of it as a cheaper and less alcoholic way to wind down for the week than post work drinks. My liver thanks me for it.

Alas, today I avoided temptation and stayed on the bus, longingly gazing at the treasure troves of second hand bargains as I passed by.

This has been the first time that the wardrobe workout has actually left me with a sense of melancholy since its commencement on Monday.

Only 362 more day to go!

(I promise not to take up vodka shots to fill the empty void Friday afternoon op-shopping has left in my schedule)


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