Being a Myers Briggs INFJ personality type (if you have never done a Myers Briggs test check it out, its AMAZINGLY accurate) has it’s advantages; an inherit desire to save the world, living in your own magical land that no one else understands, and being your own best friend. It also comes with this crazy ability to intuitively ‘feel’ the energy of those around you. Which, when ebbs and flows of energy are good, can be a wonderful thing but when times are tough it can be physically draining.

Feeling the sadness out there today in people land (not so much with my pooch who has just got himself a girlfriend at doggy day care) so the only right thing to do is provide some science week happiness inspiration thanks to Soul Pancake.

A little bit of gratitude (and a totally weird looking scientifically tested bad-vibe blocking stance)  goes a long way on a cloudy day.

Personally grateful for each and every one of you out there that get me to my computer each day and put a smile on my INFJ-compulsive-world-saving face!

Sunshine and happiness from me and and tail wags from the pooch for you all.


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