Today is one of the most exciting mile-stones of my 365 day Wardrobe Workout Challenge.

I have less than sixty days to go! Absolutely no idea why this is such an exciting milestone but there is something about the idea of having just fifty nine days remaining that seems like such a breeze.

To be honest ‘not shopping’ for clothing has been pretty easy once I got the hang of it. The part I have been finding challenging is keeping the momentum with the daily blog posts. There is only so much to talk about when you have been looking at the same collection of stuff for nearly an entire year.

I would like to continue to share my ‘fashion journey’ past day 365 and have been asked ‘what I will do next’. The last thing I feel like doing after 306 days of looking at my clothing is put myself through any more time in my closet, so there will be no fashion-related challenges to follow up on. My thoughts may change but I doubt it because relaxing at the beach, researching sustainability, or celebrating others style and sustainability accomplishments appeals to me more than indulging in playing dress ups and (semi-reluctant) modelling.

After finally weeding out what it is that I actually wear and minimising the clutter I won’t be filling my closet full of new goodies so there won’t be anything to blog about there either. I will happily share any great finds I have (ooo I can’t wait for new gym/yoga pants) but I am hoping I don’t get inundated with new items from well meaning family and friends. My closet is finally detoxed and the thought of having it full again makes me scared.

So the next fifty nine days will be spent contemplating how I can keep the fashion flair to Sustainability in Style without daily wardrobe workout posts. Luckily I have a few ideas floating around in my head I will just have to pick a few 🙂

If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see please feel free to share. I am hoping to make this a community discussion space for all things sustainability related so the more of you involved the merrier!!!

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