I recently joked on Instagram that my closet was like Narnia, but the further I venture into my challenge the more I believe this is true.

How am I still finding things I haven’t worn?

How many more mysteries can my closet hold?

At least one apparently. This military style shirt has been part of my closet for many years. There have been periods where it was worn religiously but it is definitely dormant this year as I can’t remember having worn it throughout this challenge yet.

Perhaps as my challenge comes to a close it might be nice to review to see exactly how much ‘unworn’ stuff still lives in my Narnia closet. It might be a bit frightening to see.

I have included a shot of my closet for reference, don’t let that regular looking white wall behind the clothes fool you, its actually a secret passage to the shopping centre.

Also on another note. Thank you so much to Johanne from BedreMode for listing me in her ‘Top 5 Places to Read about Sustainable Fashion on a Rainy Day’, I am so ridiculously flattered.


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