Despite the fact I am a little sleep deprived, having my man arrive home in the VERY wee hours of the morning makes me happy.

FIFO work shifts are hard on everyone but fortunately we are both easy going people and the fact that we spend quite a bit of time apart doesn’t matter too much as long as each of us is happy in what we are doing. None the less there is nothing better than hugging the one that you love!

The last time my man landed in the early AM I had made the stupid mistake of going to sleep before he arrived and could not get back to sleep again after being disturbed. This trip I wised up and stayed up until his arrival working on the INTO MIND Personal Style & The Perfect Wardrobe Workbook . Having been exceptionally busy this was the first bit of quality time I have been able to invest in it since I made the purchase.

Many of the worksheets are close to the information provided for free on the INTO MIND website some of which I have worked through before. What really surprised me last night was how much I had learnt about ‘what I wear’ when comparing with notes I had taken on the 22 of January, on Day One of the Upgrade your Wardrobe in 30 minutes a Day two week program.

Looking at just the jackets, cardigans, and coverups in my closet, I was able to swiftly identify the exact reasons why some items that I love were still sitting in my closet receiving little action, while others are rotated at least monthly. The identification of features in a jacket or cardigan that suit my body shape, personal style, and climatic conditions allowed me browse 7 of my favourite retailers e-stores and scroll through page after page of jackets and cardigans and know with one look whether or not they would be a permeant and valuable piece to own.

It was magic!

While this may seem like a vacuous way to spend ones time. Investing a few hours of research into working out what are the best purchases for you will save time in the future, ensure you don’t waste money on items that don’t quite do what you wanted them to do, and allows for easy online shopping. A very important thing when you want to invest in ethical or sustainable purchases as most shopping is done online.

Back before my Wardrobe Workout challenge began I could easily spend half an hour standing in front of my closet trying to work out what I own and if any of it could possibly make an outfit. Now not only do people compliment me on what I am wearing, I can quite honestly say ‘Thank you, I kinda threw it on and walked out the door’. No longer do I have those ‘I have nothing to wear moments’ as my closet isn’t a mystery and whatever random item that draws me in will be easy to match with something else.  Last week I even had a comment on swift dressing and style ‘how did you manage to get changed so fast and look so nice’?

There you have it.

Spending a little bit of time in your closet getting yourself in order will make life SO much easier and every day dressing more stylish.

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