So the countdown to holiday time is on.

Exactly three sleeps until my man and I head off for a week-long joint birthday celebration. Unfortunately before play comes work and I have plenty to catch up with before heading off. Today was jam packed with meetings and organising.

Before turning in for the night I thought I might follow on from where I left it yesterday with another ten memories from this ‘Wardrobe Workout’ year.

Kicking off from day 253 here are some of my favourite moments:

  1. Making my own laundry powder and fabric softener. Nearly eight weeks on and I still have LOADS left. Most economical idea ever!
  2. Made an aromatherapy fabric spray that I am still using today (if you can spare a little vodka it’s an easy project).
  3. Had a week long  lesson in layering where I tortured myself with another ‘three outfits a day post’. Totally loved the result and the learning experience has stuck with me. Layering in now a piece of cake (a layer cake… OH I CRACK MYSELF UP).
  4. Had my lovely parents visit. Got sad when they left and wrote a post on happiness tips.
  5. A collaboration and giveaway with the incredible Steph from SFDesigns for a week of celebrating the story behind our stuff.
  6. The Beautiful response from all my Instagram followers to the story behind my Dr. Marten boots.
  7. Found out why we do what we do (and someone to blame) with ‘The Men Who Made Us Spend’ series.
  8. Got out in the garden for National Tree Day
  9. Was invited to guest publish on the fabulous blog ‘This is Graces Way’.
  10. Got involved with ‘The Dotted Suit project’ a whole project dedicated to telling the story behind our stuff!

Will continue sharing my year in dot-point format tomorrow!!!

Keep rockin’ on lovers.

The weekend is on the horizon!


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