An obligatory Friday related ‘WOO HOO’!

Followed up by a pre-holiday-weekend ‘WOOOOOO HOOOO’ (notice how the holiday one has more WOO and more HOO)!

Sorry for all the pre-holiday excitement it has been many years since I have had the chance to head overseas and you only turn 30 once.

With a nice cold beverage in one hand and my keyboard in the other lets let the holiday spirit roll in with another ten moments from this ‘Wardrobe Workout’ year;

  1. Introducing DIY to Sustainability in Style with an easy Macrame plant hanger. DIY is my favourite thing to do so incorporating it on the blog was an exciting day for me.  I am looking forward to getting right into it once the ‘Wardrobe Workout’ challenge is complete.
  2. Making a DIY bench seat out of ‘found’ milk crates. ‘Collecting’ these ‘found’ milk crates was an interesting experience. Many people looked at me sideways as I was running around the shopping centre with milk crates under my arms.
  3. Featuring Mitla Moda for Label Love. Dusana (owner of Mitla Moda) is the nicest Instagrammer and Blogger going round’ and she has beautiful ethical product to boot!
  4. The Little Black Dress Challenge day one. Finding a series of holes in my favourite long sleeve woollen black dress nearly made me crack a teary. In public. In front of my best friend. Hmmm. Perhaps I had spent a little too much time getting to know my clothing.
  5. The very first Sustainability in Style Interview post with the ‘van with heart’ shop on wheels ‘Tin Lizzy’ 
  6. Exploring and eating up a storm at Kunara Marketplace with my fan-freaking-tastic boyfriend. Anyone visiting the coast needs to pay a visit to the Kunara Cafe.
  7. ‘Kill It, Cut It, Use It’. Watch it. Knowing where your everyday items originate is such an important part of being an educated consumer. By no means am I saying you shouldn’t use animal by-products, its just important to acknowledge where your products were sourced so you can make the decision for yourself. ‘Cause no want wants to be tricked into putting prawns on their hair if they ain’t ok with it.
  8. ‘Shop the look’ begins. After months of blogging about sustainable fashion so many incredible brands started popping up to say hello. The hardest part of consuming sustainably is finding the right product so I thought this feature might help people find what they have been looking for.
  9. In an effort to understand why we operate on auto-pilot when shopping I read and reviewed an informative book called Impulse. From this I found out we are actually all zombies.
  10. On day 297 I wore a very pretty jacket. If I do say so myself. 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow for a few more moment of reflection and a whole lotta’ packing!


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