The ECO TAN has been scrubbed off and work is beckoning, meaning that holiday time is officially O.V.E.R.

Despite a fried brain and an upset stomach I am glad to be back at my computer to write to you.

Even if I have encountered a series of unfortunate e-events that has seen a huge slab of my holiday photos sacrificed to the computer gods (creating a major Carrie Bradshaw moment). Fortunately for me my lovely man understood my sobbing phone call and is confident he will retrieve my photos back from ‘computer-no-mans-land’ when he gets home.

My man asked me to check my ‘Time Machine’ which of course I have NO IDEA what that is. Turns out its a back up system on the computer that I was totally unaware of and had never set up, which made feel for Carrie when she is complaining to Miranda that ‘everyone is secretly running around at night backing up their work’. Why has no-one ever mentioned a time machine to me before? Unless they have and I have immediately started day dreaming about owning the DeLorean from ‘Back to the Future’ and zoned out. Oh well. We learn from our mistakes and fingers crossed that I will own more than two of the 100+ photos I took on our underwater camera through a memory card restoration.

Aside from my obvious technological inadequacies, it has been wonderful to be home again and I can’t believe how close the end of my wardrobe workout challenge is creeping!

Over the next couple of weeks there will be a catch up on the holidays with some posts of travel pics (hopefully they will include all the beautiful snorkelling shots). I might play catch ups by posting them as the missed ‘Wardrobe Workout’ days (days 329-337). I promise there will be some incredible shots and provide an exciting ending to my challenge.

In the mean time please enjoy the return to regular posting with the fabulous interview with Kimberley from Ember Arts.