So summer snuck its way back into our lives today. Haven’t really missed waking up in my own sweat but unfortunately living on the Sunshine Coast this kind of thing is unavoidable.

For todays Who What Wear challenge I dug this t-shirt out of my closet. It hasn’t been worn in six months for two reasons. Number one being that I am a messy person, so white doesn’t stay white very long in my line of work, and the second being that I am a sweaty betty. Sure, one probably isn’t supposed to admit that on a public platform, but given that I have already discussed my period in the Diva Cup review sweating probably ain’t so bad.

Sweaty pits= trashed white shirt.

Or so I thought. Upon further investigation it turns out that it can be the anti-sweaty-stinky stuff (deodorant/antiperspirant) we put on our pits that creates that not-so-nice yellowing on the underarms of white shirts.

This is the point in our conversation where I fess up.

Despite my very best attempts to move to healthier eco-friendly way of living, previous attempts at aluminium free deodorant in years passed had TOTALLY turned me off the idea. The possibility of cancer had taken a back seat to not smelling like a post-soccer-game teenage boy. After years of sweeping the cancer threat under the rug and embracing the stink free properties of aluminium free deodorant I deduced it was time to get back into the eco-underarm game. Having already learnt to dress around my super sweaty pits (it hasn’t mattered what degree of antiperspirant I have worn in the past I can sweat through all of them) the thought of moving to a deodorant (good luck if you can find a natural anti-pespirant), a stink eliminator as opposed to a sweat blocker wasn’t too daunting.


About a week ago I purchased my very first ‘natural deodorant’ in at least three years with optimistic hopes that ‘technological and scientific breakthroughs’ will have found a way to control the stink without the use of aluminium. Alas, despite smelling incredible, deodorant number one didn’t make the grade. It was suitable for post shower freshness for bed or ‘lady of leisure lounging’ but provided no protection from post workout stink or an entire day or labour in the nursery/ laboratory.

Keeping my hopes high and residing deodorant one to the ‘I’ll just use it when I get out of the shower before bed’ pile, I had a read up online and sussed out some brands to look for. As I like to shop local I headed out to one of my local health food stores and snapped up Lavera BodySpa Lime Sensation Roll On Deodorant (one for the vegans out there). Several days later and I can safely say that my pits have remained stink free. They even passed the poly/blend work shirt test which is usually the worst case odour scenario (other than vintage polyester which has a stink factor rating of 1000).

The only gripe to be had about this natural deodorant is that it is a deodorant. Which means that you will still sweat. So if you do plan to make the switch for the sake of your health and your white shirts you will have to get used to a little bit of dampness. It is inconvenient but when you think about it sweat is your bodies way to cool you down and get rid of nasties (try a workout after a big night out drinking and you will know how effective this sweat mechanism is) so blocking your natural sweating ability is a little counter intuitive to good health. Especially when you are blocking it with a potential carcinogen!

There you have it. I have jumped an eco-hurdle and have successfully conquered my underarms without having to smell like mosh pit of sweaty men or worse still a lavender bush (why-oh-why-oh-why does ‘eco friendly’ require lavender fragrance in so many products).

I’m off to bed for a big day of field work tomorrow.

Here’s hoping my underarms continue to hold up to the stink free pedestal I now have them on!


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