Todays Who What Wear 30 Day challenge prompt was way more ‘magazine headline’ than actual challenge prompt. Most of us mere mortals don’t have a collection of Louis Vuitton bags to casually drape over our Zara jacket clad shoulders in a sartorial high-low mash up.

That in mind I took a creative approach to ‘mix high end with under $100’ by taking high end inspiration from the Isabel Marant Summer 2015 collection and piecing together a similar outfit that cost well under $100 (from memory this whole look would of cost around $40) all without leaving my house.

Upon closer inspection of the Summer range I spied at least two other looks that I could daily replicate using what I own. It is incredible when you start thinking creatively, how easy it can be to replicate lust-worthy looks in your own way. The best part about this kind of ‘inspiration’ is that you stay true to your personal style, as you already own the items, you have just adapted them in a ‘new season’ way.

So when people compliment you on your fabulous outfit you can simply and truthfully say ‘I’ve had it for years’.

This is where I fess up and say todays outfit was not in fact wearable for my activities (the dentist probably wouldn’t have appreciated my ‘cat woman’ outfit squeaking on his dental chair) so day 348 is a serving suggestion that I might get to wear in the near future. It is good sometimes to play dress ups in your own closet as it helps inspire new outfit ideas and can prevent ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments in the future as you will have already done your homework.

Looking forward to the weekend so I can catch up on my social media.



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