It is the final official day of the Wardrobe Workout challenge and here I am drinking champagne in my closet. This may seem like an odd thing to do on a regular Monday afternoon but I am celebrating the fact that I now fit into my closet with a bottle of champagne and that I wouldn’t want it any other way!

First things first I need to clarify that I do not usually drink champagne, especially not in my closet. In fact my lack-of-sparkling-wine-drinking-skills is evident in that we don’t even own a set of champagne flutes. This lovely bottle was a 30th birthday, and elopement present from my fabulous ‘professor-boss-man’ (he ran away and wrote ‘and elopement’ on the gift bag card when I told him about our secret nuptials). I thought what better time to crack it open than the celebration of a (mostly) successful year without shopping for clothing and accessories. Aside from my purchase of a new set of bikinis in the early stages of the challenge, I have made it through one full year without adding anything new to my closet.

Pre-challenge  I was living at my rental house and my clothing had taken over my life. The amount of time I spent tending to my belongings was weighing down on me physically and mentally and I knew there had to be more to life than folding laundry. Those of you who have been following my  story know that I wasn’t a Becky Bloomwood  style ‘shop-a-holic’ with a maxed out credit card, I was more a thrifter and ex-fashion industry employee with more clothes than she knew what to do with.  A keen eye for thrifting and a previous career in fashion design/buying/retail had left me with a bulging closet and no idea about what I actually wanted to wear. Something had to be done!

After a year of giving my closet contents a good ‘workout’ I have narrowed my selection down to a neat and orderly collection of garments. In fact, this may well be the first time in my life that I appreciate the fact there is room to move on my selves, and I don’t feel the need to rush out to the nearest vintage store and fill it with fabulous finds. If I did, this it would not only mean that I would have more folding to do impinging on my time to ‘do good’ in the world, and there would be no space for future ‘closet drinking’ sessions. The year has also provided me time to investigate sustainable and ethical purchasing options. Giving me an arsenal of information heading forward as a mindful consumer and allowing me to share my finds with you all!

When I glimpse back over the year it appears that time has ‘flown’, but when broken down into specific events, there was so much accomplished in what seems like a short period of time. Creating personal challenges, such as the ‘Wardrobe Workout’ challenge allows opportunities for growth and understanding of oneself. One year on and the things I have learnt about myself and shared with you all have been astounding. Aside from heading on a personal journey into consumption and mindfulness, I have had the opportunity to do some ‘grown up’ type things like getting a first home, and marrying my wonderful partner. Having had the time to explore my own thoughts, feelings and personal ‘style’ has given me the confidence to accept these cultural norms of home ownership and marriage as something I want to do, rather than being obliged to do, and feeling as though I can do them for myself in my own way.

It is easy to feel pressured by society, advertising, and peers to do what is expected and accepted. Be it wearing the latest trends, having the big white wedding, or dare I say it, have children. But really when it comes down to it you are the master of your own destiny and you can decide what is right for you. So whether you want to drink champagne in your closet on a Monday afternoon, or head a campaign for human rights within your local community follow what is in your heart and don’t feel the need to bow down to social norms. As long as you do things with a kind heart, positive intentions  and a strong moral compass, good will come back to you.

As for the future of Sustainability in Style, this is just the beginning of something great. From the closet of old comes the journey of new discoveries, and as long as you are here to listen I am happy to keep sharing my findings.

Thanks again for your ongoing support throughout my journey, it really wouldn’t have been the same without each and every one of you.


See you tomorrow!

Ps. I promise I am not drinking this whole bottle on my own in my closet. It will be shared. No need to worry about me. 

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