This morning a close friend presented me with a Wardrobe Workout challenge when she invited me to join her on a ‘Garage Sale Trail’. I really wanted to join her but knew that it might be a little too tempting so early on in my 365 day challenge to wave garage sales in my face. Using my powers of negotiation we decided on a lunch date at the beach which was also a great opportunity for a bike ride ( I <3 my bike).

This afternoon I was supposed to be cleaning for a house inspection but instead got invited out for a sunset surf (which hands down wins over house cleaning).

The evening ended with dinner at the local bar and grill and a few casual brews in my kick ass HungryWolf skirt. Which I am embarrassed to say required a bit of a wiggle to get my sandy beer filled self out of this sexy number upon retuning home. Salt water skin and faux leather do not mix, lesson learned.

After a day that involved an intense gym session, bike riding, and surfing I can safely say I will sleep well tonight!

Sleep tight Sustainable Fashion Followers!