It’s day five and I’m already one day behind with my posts (oops).

I actually had a fantastic, albeit slightly sunburnt Sunday. Spent the morning initiating my good friend from Iran to the Australian beach. She has lived here for a couple of years but hasn’t had an appropriate swimsuit to go swimming, so after nearly a month of waiting for her hijab swimsuit to arrive we finally got to celebrate today.

It was lovely to go swimming with someone who has never been in an ocean before. We had so much fun battling the waves together.

I rode my bike home only to realise I needed to be at a BBQ (life is hard in my neck of the woods) and I finally had an opportunity to wear my low back tie dye bikini cover up dress which has been lurking in closet corners with no real purpose until now.

So after a very busy day of beaching it up, eating far too much BBQ food and swimming in my friends pool I am feeling incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Even if all this socialising and swimming is interrupting my writing.