It’s bigger than a dress!

For the month of December I will be participating in Dressember because I believe in everyday advocacy. By wearing a little black dress for 31 days  I am raising awareness and funds for the millions of abused women and girls across the globe. The little black dress I am wearing (worn in rotation with another LBD I already owned) is made by and overcomer of sex trafficking who through Elegantees has been provided with secure source of income that reinforces independence, a healthy self image, and confidence that restores lives. You can sponsor my 31 day dress wearing mission to fight enforced labour and human trafficking by donating to the Dressember fundraiser page. The proceeds of the month long fundraiser support the work done by A21 and The International Justice Mission (IJM) who work to fight human trafficking and injustices against the poor on all levels, from top down policy work to bottom up rescues and rehabilitation of victims. Your dollar could help rescue children as young as two years old from cyber sex trafficking, as seen in this recent success story from the IJM. Please give even if you can only spare a dollar, every bit counts! 


The end is near.

As the month comes to a close it’s important to remember that there is time to make a difference. For this New Years why not forgo one cocktail and donate the amount to the Dressember mission instead. Every little bit counts whether it’s  the $4 extra you would have spent on a taxi but decide to opt for public transport home instead or the $1 you would used to buy a ‘scratch and win’ lotto ticket on New Years eve in hope to win your fortune for 2016. Change someone’s life for the better and donate big or small. On the Sustainability in Style Dressember mission front I’m very excited to be counting down the days to shorts wearing! The Dressember LBD is now on of my all time fave items due to the number of compliments received while wearing it (which has been MANY), and the fact that it’s incredibly comfortable. However, the discomfort of wearing something that I can’t run, skip, jump and do impromptu tree climbs and yoga in has been very frustrating. I’ve mostly spent the month feeling very professional and polished getting about my beach town in a fancy black dress.


Don’t talk about Human Trafficking and Slavery!

Turns out of all the weird and wonderful things that I have discussed online, from periods and stinky armpits to whether or not we actually need to wash denim, human trafficking and slavery have been the most unpopular topics to date. Resulting in some of the lowest social media (nearly as many un-follows as follows on Insta) and Google analytics stats to date despite still continuing with Christmas themed posts and DIY’s that have been very popular in the past. It appears that more people want to talk about their underarms than the misfortune of others. I don’t think this makes us narcissistic or unkind as our armpits are very close to our heads and in plain view to us on a daily basis. Injustices against the poor and slave labour is something that is kept well hidden. This video above kind of sums up the general vibe I have sensed throughout the Dressember challenge. That people are somewhat intrigued by the idea of a month of dresses  but the moment they find out what it’s for or are presented with some unpalatable statistics they tend to freeze. They don’t seem to know how to respond to this huge and hidden issue that plagues countries across the globe, poor and rich alike. It’s confronting and we feel powerless. We often hear about slavery in the fashion industry but it can be hard to link this back to human trafficking and sex trafficking but in many cases they are all part of the same global cheap labour phenomena that makes us $2 t-shirts and gives us $5 blow jobs. The best way to respond to human trafficking and slavery isn’t to ‘ignore it and it will go away’ (this tactic doesn’t even work on high school bullies) the best you can do is to share the information you have found. The more people know about these kinds of injustices the less chances those who deal in human lives have of getting away with the actions undetected. So please don’t feel scared of these global bullies. Let’s stand up and let them know we will no longer look the other way!

What makes you shudder when you think about sex trafficking and slavery? Do you feel angry or ashamed? Let’s talk about it!

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