Got Some Thrifted Gold that Doesn’t Fit Quite Right?

Never fear! There are loads of DIY ideas on how to alter thrift to fit your style. While I could sit here and come up with a bunch of DIY’s alterations posts I am far too lazy for that. Instead I have used my science research prowess to find a whole collection of alteration tutorials and inspiration out there in blog land. The following is a list of resources to help you overcome thrifting hurdles and embrace the joy of personalising your goodies.

Hopefully this little collection of links contains at least one project to get your creative juices flowing and/or solve a thrifted item fit dilemma. If not, it at least shows you that the ways you can wear your thrifted goods are only limited by your imagination. A good tip for finding the right tutorial for you is to browse through some of the Youtube videos in the links above and suss out the ‘Up Next’ suggestions on the side bar. This will allow you to discover some up-cycled, refashioned, or alterations ideas that appeal to your personal sense of style.

So next time you hit up the thrift store go in confident and openminded. If something doesn’t fit quite right start to imagine how you would like to wear it. If you can think of a way to wear it that might only require minor alterations, or alterations that you feel you could achieve yourself (or enlist a tailor to do for you), then you might be on to a winner! The key is to only buy items you are going to follow through on alterations, otherwise you will fill your closet full of ill-fitting clutter.

Have you had any success stories with thrifting alterations or even a good #alterationfail story?

Perhaps you have a favourite place for alteration info and inspo?

Blab about it below!


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