This isn’t really a DIY post more just a few little tips on how to grow your own succulents for little-to-no cost. Unlike cacti succulents are pretty darn easy to grow and you don’t need to spend a fortune getting yourself some house plants. In order to get yourself a pointers worthy succulent garden you may need a few tools.

  • Succulent thieving gusto (or a balaclava and nightfall if you aren’t able to muster your brave face)
  • Jars or glasses
  • Pots or up-cycled planters with drainage holes
  •  Soil (pine bark or compost is good)
  • Drainage Medium, I use propagation sand or perlite (or you can go all out fancy and buy this stuff).
  • A slow release fertiliser (optional and not needed with the fancy stuff) ask an expert at your local nursery for one that is suitable for succulents

Many of my succulents have either been propagated from cuttings from street plants or as cuttings from established succulents in my collection. To grow your own simply find a succulent you like and break a little bit off (around 10cm worth is a good size for hiding in a handbag). If it’s part of someones garden or a friends houseplant you best ask before damaging their goods. However, if you happen to come across a sprawling street plant I won’t tell anyone if you break off an itty bitty bit.

You can then stick your cutting straight into a mix of soil and drainage medium (I use a 60% perlite to 40% soil, or a 50/50 split of soil and sand). If you have all of the above ingredients a great recipe is equal amounts soil, sand, and perlite. Gardening Australia recommends adding one part coir fibre to this mix. I often chuck a dose of slow release fertiliser into the mix (follow the instructions on the container).

If you are feeling too lazy to plant your cutting another alternative is to stick it in a glass of water (see pic). Succulents grow very pretty root systems quite quickly this way and you can plant them when you feel ready. If your cutting isn’t shooting out some roots after a few weeks break the end off and stick it in the water again, sometimes they will sprout from the new break if not you might have to go and collect another bit.

As far as watering goes you can be the judge. Many of my succulent babies live outside. These guys pretty much get watered naturally and love it. The inside plants get a full drenching around once a week. I live in a humid environment and this schedule seems to suit them well. There are some excellent tips on how to work out the right watering regime for your succulents here.

Good luck with your succulent thieving my fellow plant stealing friends!

Have you grown succulents from cuttings before?

Let u know your tips, ticks or tales of near misses during succulent thieving rampages below.

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